BLOOOM Case Study 2 – More Free Content

If you watched the video where I extracted the content from a YouTube video you might have noticed that the post was pretty big (at first).

The reason for this was the video detailed two ways in which anyone could promote products on Clickbank… I.e 2 Clickbank affiliate marketing tricks.
So instead of using all the content in 1 post I split it into two posts… The first being this one here

BLOOOM 1 Click 100% Unique Posts
This one has now received over 700 hits and is currently on page 3 of Bing (yeah Bing, not Google)

It was on page #4

BLOOOM 1 Click 100% Unique PostsNow page 3…

BLOOOMDon’t get me wrong… I’m not telling you that hitting page 3 of Bing is going to make me rich… it isn’t. But it does demonstrate the power and simplicity of using BLOOOM

You can see the post relating to this case study here:

So what happened to the rest of the content?
Well I turned that into another very cool post which you can see here…

This post has already generated some interest as you can see from the screen shot below.



All of this is done by using BLOOOM… Its simple too, find a video (YouTube) click to extract the content (from inside the video)… edit or don’t edit (up to you… it is 100% unique either way) and Boom – you have another great post which people actually want to read.

Using this tool is not about filling sites with junk ‘spun’ content in order to cash in on Ad revenue / income (although you could)… for me it’s about finding – extracting – and using 100% unique and very engaging content which builds my blogs and business for me in minutes.

But it doesn’t stop with your blog

  • Do you write articles for other people?
  • Do you develop or sell PLR content?
  • Do you guest post…

If your business requires unique and engaging content… you’re going to need (WANT) BLOOOM

— Available from January 15th 2018 —

Read Posts produced with BLOOOM


If you don’t yet have BLOOOM you can get it with a nice big Discount by clicking the following link and applying the discount code you see directly beneath the link on the checkout page


Use the following code on the checkout page to get 30% off

Code: mark-30off


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