BLOOOM Case Study Gets 600 hits

As you may or may not know we decided to postpone the launch of BLOOOM until January 15th 2018: due to slight health issues (you may have already read about this).

BLOOOM 1 Click 100% Unique Posts

And while this post is NOT about the launch of BLOOOM itself it does detail some results from a recent post produced with BLOOOM content app.
Maybe you saw/ read this post:

600 Hits

Almost 600 unique hits, positive comments and dare I say it… a pretty good article. And yet it was derived from a YouTube video and turned into a post with BLOOOM.

BLOOOM 1 Click 100% Unique Posts

Yes of course I did make edits… but the point is, you can build highly engaging, 100% unique post / articles with 1 click and a few minutes.

They even rank…

BLOOOM 1 Click 100% Unique Posts

Yeah… it’s Bing and its Page 4 so I’m not going to tell you that its ground breaking… but I think you’ll agree the competition is pretty stiff in the MMO niche. Plus I have done nothing with the post in terms of backlinks etc.
Now imagine you had a blog or planned one in a less competitive niche… you could produce great content on subjects you know absolutely nothing about in minutes. Got you thinking right?


If you don’t yet have BLOOOM you can get it with a nice big Discount by clicking the following link and applying the discount code you see directly beneath the link on the checkout page


Use the following code on the checkout page to get 30% off

Code: mark-30off


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