How to Make Money with Clickbank without a Website in 2017 (Plan 2)

Promoting ClickBank Products without a Website in 2017

This post is for you if you are wondering how to make money promoting ClickBank Products without a Website in 2017

In this post I’ll talk about selling Clickbank products using automated webinars

If you missed Plan #1 click here:

Now for Plan Number 2
So, the second you could make money from clickbank without a website using automated webinars
Yes, this one’s a little bit more involved but it will convert a lot better if you can get it right.

Looking for a simple Step by Step Clickbank + Bing Ads Affiliate Method? Try This

Number 1
Approach the person selling this product on Clickbank and ask them for a review copy… will you get a copy?

Probably not but it’s worth a try. If you don’t get a complimentary / review copy just buy it.

Once you have a copy of the product take a look through it consume the content and then start creating a webinar that’s going to teach a little bit of what’s inside this product. I.e use sections of the digital product and turn into PowerPoint slides
Hint… rather than copying and pasting from a PDF (which is a pain) take screen shots of the pages you want to use (edit with Gimp (Free software) if you need to edit) and drop the images into PPT slides.
Note: Most vendors are cool with the whole process as everything you are doing here is aimed at selling their product. Having said that it may be wise to ask if this is cool first (but I’ll leave that with you).

Now obviously during the webinar you don’t reveal the whole method as that would be defeating the point… I.e you give a little away, but in order to join all the dots interested people are going to need to buy the product.

For example lets say you wanted to sell a product on how to play guitar. There’s a really great section of this guitar course it talks about a cool guitar playing exercise. You could do a webinar about that.

Create a Facebook ad again driving traffic to the webinar registration page… you could use a landing page followed by a webinar registration page if you wish… I.e to pre-sell a little more. But I would simply use the webinar reg page personally.

OK – so a little more about the webinar itself… if you are setting up to sell affiliate products the last thing you want to do is host a bunch of live webinars… what you want is an evergreen system. I.e a webinar system which looks like it is live but is actually a video streamed as live.
When you do it this way it is also so much easier to get that perfect webinar in place because you can edit a video until it is perfect… and only when you are happy do you use it. Plus you’ll never have to worry about nerves or getting it all perfect when live.
Do I know what I’m talking about… you bet.
At the beginning of 2017 I started running automated webinars and during the course of the year I grossed close to $70,000… and in case you want to do something similar the platform I used and still do is Everwebinar (I’ll put an affiliate link here when I can find it lol)

Using Webinars is also another cool way to quickly add people to your email lists before you pitch. For example the screen shot below shows one of my evergreen webinars has had over 1600 attendees… because I have integrated my Aweber account all of those attendees were added to one of my lists (just because they signed up to watch the free webinar)

selling Clickbank products using automated webinars

Webinar length
Around 30 minutes works pretty well… you can schedule an automated webinar to run at a specific date and time, as often as you like… or with Everwebinar and others I guess you can also set up Just in time or starting in 15 minutes etc.

So, to reiterate…
• Get the product
• Make the slides
• Record a video which delivers helpful content (slides) with pitch at the end.
• Add the video to an automated webinar platform like Everwebinar
• Add your affiliate link (Everwebinar has a pop up in the chat box)
• Drive traffic with FB (really cheap in niches)… I’d recommend a Fan page built on the niche and boosted posts (easy and cheap)
• You could also try Bing… also cheap for Niches
• Once the evergreen webinar is set up it is completely passive… and you know that webinars convert so much higher than an email right?

If you would like to know more about Everwebinar, the product or set up comment under this post… If you already have an automated webinar product use that instead. Sure this takes a little setting up and if you don’t already have a webby platform you can use then initially this method is going to cost you a bit…. But it works exceptionally well.

Questions? Ask in comments
Did you like this post / method?… Let me know in comments.

Want More?

Did you find this post interesting… would you be interested in a full and detailed guide on how to do this?

If you would or you have questions regarding this post let me know in comments below.

Questions? Ask in comments
Did you like this post / method?… Let me know in comments.

Looking for a simple Step by Step Clickbank + Bing Ads Affiliate Method? Try This


how to make money promoting ClickBank Products without a Website in 2017

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