How to Make Money with Clickbank without a Website in 2017 (Plan 1)

Promoting ClickBank Products without a Website in 2017

This post is for you if you are wondering how to make money promoting ClickBank Products without a Website in 2017

I want to talk about how to make money with Clickbank without a website. Because this is a question I get asked almost daily.
There are several ways you can do it..

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So why would people want to do the whole clickbank thing like this?
Simple… they don’t want to create a blog or a website which they’re creating content for trying to promote someone else’s product or they just don’t want to pay for hosting. Maybe they don’t wanna set up a website, or pay for a web designer.

So there are several ways I’m going to describe and none are free, but they are effective and they work. Todays will involve Facebook Ads so you need to be willing to spend some money (just a little). If you are not prepared to spend a little stop reading now!

To actually make money with Clickbank properly without a website you can do this do this…

  • You will need to…
  • Create Facebook Ads
  • Set up an email list: use Getresponse

Why Getresponse?
Getresponse has a free landing page builder and these landing pages can actually be used with Facebook Ads so you see you won’t need a website.

Let’s pretend for example I am promoting a product that’s going to teach people how to play guitar and I wanted to create an email series that would promote this person’s product but also provide value.

So I would set up a free eCourse, for example a 5-day e course in which I deliver a new lesson every day on how to play guitar and I would set up this landing page on get response for free using the get response landing page creator (free)
I create a landing page and offer people this free 5 day e-course teaching people the basics of guitar or how to get started with guitar playing, chords they should learn, beginner stuff.

I deliver a new lesson every day and what I would do is pitch the Clickbank course at the end of every email.


Why a five-day email sequence?

First of all it gets people used to opening your emails
If you’re sending them a course via email they have to open up your emails to receive the content so the nice thing about this is that when you start promoting the course or product later to them, they’re already used to opening up your emails.

Plus it’s getting your emails through their spam filters, they have already been engaging with your content and your emails so they’re going to read what you say and actually look at the page your link takes them to.
After the fifth day you do a hard pitch for the ClickBank course. If they haven’t purchased the course or the product by the fifth email, I’m then gonna send them another email every week for maybe ten weeks or so.

Plan #1

The first way I would do it is to create a Facebook ad and drive traffic to the Getresponse landing page ask him to opt-in and build my email list.
I would be offering real value… the free five day course, and then at the end of the eCourse even though they’re being pitched the Clickbank product at the end of every email I’m gonna continue pitching them every week or so about this product until they either buy it or they eventually unsubscribe.

Look out for Plan #2

Want More?

Did you find this post interesting… would you be interested in a full and detailed guide on how to do this?

If you would or you have questions regarding this post let me know in comments below.

Looking for a simple Step by Step Clickbank + Bing Ads Affiliate Method? Try This

how to make money promoting ClickBank Products without a Website in 2017

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