They pay you $500 – $3000 for 20 minutes work

DFY Chief 2.0 review

  • Who’s going to pay $500 – $3000 for 20 minutes work?

  • Answer: Local Businesses… and they come to you when you do this (I’ll explain – see below)… Don’t worry you won’t have to start cold calling businesses.

Edit Pre-Built Templates In Minutes & Sell…

What do they want and need… What do I have to do for 20 minutes to get paid?

They want and need bang up-to date websites like these…

DFY Chief 2.0 review

DFY Chief 2.0 comes pre-loaded with pre-built websites to suite most businesses – So all you have to do is pick a business, open the template, make a few edits to turn the template into a unique site for your client, host the site for them (included) and then charge them as much as $3000.

It takes less than 20 minutes – Watch


DFY Chief 2.0 is a huge platform which comes loaded with ready to edit websites literally covering just about every small business and service you can think of. So all you have to do is edit or tailor one of the ready to go websites to fit a local business and sell it to them… (takes about 20 minutes per website)

There are just 3 steps… which make this system perfect for all (Even Newbies)

They Pay $500 – $3000 for one of these…

These ‘often little’ businesses will pay you anything from $500 – $3000 for one of these little websites depending on the business and what they need. You see the reality is, most smaller offline businesses still don’t have websites and have no idea how to make one or where to get one… $500 (around average) for 20 minutes work sounds implausible right? but if you’re a small business with zero online know-how who needs a website, needs hosting for the website and needs that website maintained then $500 + a monthly hosting & maintenance fee is actually a bargain… Think about it?

Roberto is making over $4,000/month doing this

How Easy is it?

Select Template
Browse and select a template from the template library. They have templates in over a dozen of the hottest local business and online niches that you can sell for 500 d.ollars or more.



Customize Your Pages
Quickly & easily edit and customize the pages as much or as little as you’d like to match your clients info using the built-in and simple drag and drop page editor.

Publish, Host And Profit
Easily publish your pages and collect your profit. Plus, they host the sites for you and you can have it show any domain you’d like… which is perfect for selling to your clients.

But there is a snag…

It’s never that easy right. So yes, local businesses will pay well for these websites.

… But how are you going to get them interested in the first place? Do you like cold calling businesses?… NO, me neither. So let me show you how to get these businesses to come to you and ask you for a website.



Unique Bonus Secures Business
I’ve put together a number of PDFs which explain how to get that business in the first place.


  • A sure fire no barrier way of securing sale after sale with just an email.
  • Several ways in which to locate business email address and contact details
  • A number of tricks to get local businesses chasing you for their own website
  • Full script on what to say when they contact you in order to secure sales
  • Multiple options to increase order
  • How to give the website to your client before taking any payment or even speaking to them and guarantee they pay you in full… This works nearly every time.

DFY Chief 2.0 review



Do you have a spare 20 minutes?

Perhaps you thought selling services to offline businesses was hard work… maybe you thought it was time consuming or just not that profitable? Or mayb you just don’t like the idea of contacting local businesses… If that’s you – Think again, DFY Chief 2.0 solves those problems and with my bonus you get those businesses contacting you, so you can start profiting this month and every other month…


DFY Chief 2.0 is on sale today (closing in a couple of days)


But before you make any decisions either way take a look at these additional bonuses available today (Only from me)… You get these instantly when you purchase DFY Chief 2.0 through me

DFY Chief bonus




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