How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Blog Posts

The following post is based on my own experience… Initially the method was intended for all those BLOX users (BLOX is my: ‘Make money from affiliate products without promoting them’ method)… maybe you use the method yourself?

Either way… if you have a blog and need more traffic then take a quick read through this post… especially as this isn’t leading to a pitch lol… that’s right, I’m not selling anything – not this time.

Here’s the story (which includes the method)
So a few days ago I wrote a detailed post about building recurring income form little content based membership sites… This one here:

Easy recurring income blueprint

And at the same time I was tasked with trying out a piece of software I’m currently developing (don’t worry the software is a way off yet and I won’t be pitching it to you).

Anyway the software in question does a number of things but for me the best bit is it enables you to find phrases / keywords with low competition (video based) based on any phrase you enter – and then extract all the relevant ranking details. And, well I need to test these things and so I got to thinking…. Wouldn’t it be good if I could use it (and the method) to make little satellite videos all linking back to my post, i.e. the one mentioned above (more on this in a moment).
So I made 2 videos both based around the post and both linking back there.

Page 1 of Google Instantly

This one:

And this one:

But Why?
OK, so your BLOX post or any blog post is going to rank for certain phrases based on the content, tags and headlines etc.… but the post is static right? Which means it is limited to what it ranks for, however if you can find a number of phrases that relate to that post which have low competition etc… then you can keep producing little satellite videos which serve to drive traffic back to the post by simply ranking at the top of YouTube and on page #1 of Google.

Get Free Traffic From Google

Like this:

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Blog Posts

And this…

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Blog Posts


You see… 2 little videos which instantly show up on page 1 of Google and top YouTube… These videos are little traffic funnels. i.e. they drive traffic back to my blog post organically (no cost), they also act as backlinks to the post.

Do you see the potential?

Basically you can write and publish your post and then make lots of little videos to rank for low competition phrases which relate to your post… it means you can rank for all kinds of phrases and drive traffic from all over the place all for free. Which I’m sure you will agree will help you make more sales (if that is the goal of your posts)

But I have an advantage

Yes you are correct… I am using the software we have in development which right now you CAN’T have access to but you can still have a go at doing the research bit manually… why not try using Google keyword planner.

Has this post been helpful? Please let me know by commenting below.

The following video shows me doing pretty much everything detailed in this post and ranking a satellite video in 17 minutes on Google page 1

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