How to Build a Monthly Recurring Income from Other Peoples Content

Does your online business generate recurring / passive income?

If Not, Then Why?

If you haven’t yet considered building recurring income into your online business, then now’s a great time to start… and you’ll find some big hints in this very post.

Please note: the following post and method is designed with newbies and everyone else in mind… so whatever your skill level is right now, keep reading and learn how to generate monthly income.

I’ll also tell you how to do the lot using other peoples content…

So I guess you have heard that ‘Passive Income’ is that pot of gold we all strive for. So it’s not surprising that people often consider membership sites as an obvious business model…

Ever considered building a membership site?

You probably have… and believe me, owning one is great.

Here’s why…
You sell somebody into the membership – drip feed content – and they pay you on a monthly recurring basis… and they keep paying you over and over and over

Does it work? Hell yes, I’ve been using recurring models since 2014, I had people join back then and many of them still pay me $17.97 or more per month, every month.

Here’s a few of mine…

What’s even better is… you do the work once and you can use it over and over again…

For example: you create 1 piece of content and member 1 joins…. Then, 3 months from now member 301 joins, and that first piece of content you added is still working for you… does that make sense, I hope I delivered the message well enough?

I ask because the sun is blazing right now in the UK (which is very unusual) so I’ve based my work station outside today… ah the life of an internet marketer lol


OK… so, recurring income is great because you have an almost guaranteed monthly income… you want that right?

And the more people you add the more money you make each month. It’s kind of a compounding thing. And yet there is no more work to do… doesn’t matter if you have 100 members or 100 thousand members, the workload stays exactly the same.

But… and there is a BUT.

While a membership site will produce a reliable and consistent monthly income (recurring) it isn’t passive. If it were passive you would do the work just once, but in order to hold onto those members you need to add content each and every month…

So, yes there is work to do

  • Do you think you could produce new content each and every month?
  • Do you know how to build a membership platform that is both easy and highly profitable?

No… well don’t worry,

I have a solution to both of those barriers which I’ll explain in just a moment…

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But first let’s talk a little more about the benefits of owning your own membership site which generates monthly recurring income.

Retention and The Power of 7

The trick with any recurring business model is always retention…. When members stick with you, then you make money every month… the more members you drive in – the more money you make each month.

So how do you get them to stay with you?
Is it all about great content? Well, yes and no… sure if you have terrible content then the member is less likely to stay, and I can help you with that as you will see in a while. However content / service or whatever else it is that you include in your membership site isn’t the only factor.

Price also plays a part… and when you get that pricing right then people just forget or cant be bothered to cancel… believe me it’s true. Wanna know the magic number?… sure you do:

The magic number is 7
Now how you use the number 7 really depends on the value of what you offer… I obviously don’t know you and have no idea what it is that you’ll include inside your member area, so I’ll leave that bit to you. But I will give you an example based on my own experience. In 2015 I set up a membership based on niche content… Over a period of around 2 weeks I got around 200 members and they all paid me $17.97 per month.

$3594 every month

200 members paying me $17.97 per month works out at $3594 every month for as long as they remained members. And the weird thing is, because of the pricing most did… what I mean is, most stuck with me. Sure it diminished over time, and yes I’ll be honest I got board with adding new content every month (I didn’t have the tool I’ll offer you today (zero cost) back then).

I can’t be bothered to cancel

But because of the ‘I can’t be bothered to cancel’ or ‘I’ll cancel next month’ pricing ($17.97) members stuck and I made 1000s. And that’s a key… pricing needs to resonate with value, and it should also contain 7s.

So you could use 17.97, 27.97, 47.97… you get the picture. Seven works because psychologically the mind reads it as close to 5 even though its closer to 10. I.e your retention will be better if the price is 17.97 than if it was 17.99 or 19.99.


Yes, but true… I know because I do this IM thing all the time and I’ve tested the hell out of it. If all you take away from reading this post is the magic number 7 then it’s been worth reading lol.

OK so psychological stuff aside lets talk money
If 200 members paying me $17.97 per month works out at $3594 every month what if I had 500 members, or 1000 members?

• 500 members = $8985 per month
• 1000 members = $17,970 per month

And you’ll still only need to produce a little monthly content to retain those members… interested?

So how do you get started?
First you’ll need a membership site, structure, and plan which will enable you to get the traffic and new members… I recommend you follow Paul’s method simply because he’s actually doing the very thing you want to do and making a fortune in recurring income every month.

Follow Paul’s Blueprint – Click Here


Next… you’ll need content.

Now remember I said that I lost interest because I had to keep coming up with new content… well today I have a solution. Maybe you already have it, or at least herd of it, it’s called BLOOOM.

BLOOOM enables you to extract unique content from any publicly listed YouTube video in literally seconds. Find a video in your niche (related to your membership topic) drop in the YouTube URL, extract the content… and there you have it… this months membership content in seconds.

Want it?
No problem… for the rest of the day I’ll be giving away 100% off discount coupons to everyone who buys Paul’s Blueprint through the link on this page. So now you’ll know how to quickly build a membership site the easy way and get members fast (with Paul’s Blueprint), as well as the quickest way to populate your platform with unique content (using BLOOOM).

Hold on… I already have BLOOOM. Yes lots of you do… but listen, with BLOOOM you already have the one tool you need to fill your membership site with engaging content that you probably don’t know anything about (you don’t need to). Follow Paul’s Blueprint (he’s actually doing this) and apply BLOOOM… Do this and you’ll be two miles in front of everyone else who buys Paul’s Blueprint.

Still here?
Let me think… I bet you’re thinking “Hey I’m a Newbie I can’t do this”
Well listen, remember I told you that I set up a recurring niche content membership back in 2015. Well back then I probably knew less than you do now… I was guessing most of the time as I didn’t have a Blueprint like the one you’ll get from Paul Today.

There are NO BARRIERS… No this isn’t Push Button, there is some work to do but the work is very simple and quick… adding monthly content will take you minutes. How else are you going to turn an hour or two a month into 100s if not 1000s of dollars – think about it… But not for too long.

The BLOOOM offer won’t be here for long, snap it up today.


Oh and BTW… if you liked this post, the idea or you just want to say Hi… please comment below. Your engagement means a lot, and I appreciate all of your fantastic comments.

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