Affiliate Marketing Trick Day 6 – 100% ROI (6 Days)

Today’s post picks up on the evergreen system I started on the 1st of November.


How to make money from Clickbank

I’ll keep this post short as time is against me today. As you can see from the screen shot over the last 6 days I’ve received payments (commission) five times I.e. on 5 days out of the 6… I know it’s the 7th now but as I write this post it is early morning in the UK (so I’m not counting Day 7 yet.

Affiliate Marketing Trick Day 6

Well No… the results are far from groundbreaking, having said that it is obvious that the simple little process is working.
You may remember that I initially began with 3 campaigns and from those 3 campaigns only 1 actually worked. The reason for this was easy to spot (in hindsight)… Low Quality Ad score.
As of November 5th the two failing campaigns are dumped and the focus is on the winning one which I will tweak over the coming weeks

The Profit?
Well overall the profit so far is nominal which is due to the two failing campaigns (pain). If you take the 2 failing campaigns out of the equation though the winning campaign is returning over 100% ROI (this includes the day with zero profit).

What’s So Great about this?
The cool thing about this little affiliate marketing trick is it takes minutes to set up initially. Once set up you simply pay for traffic and that’s it. Nothing techy, no websites or landing pages. Basically you can jump online for the first day, apply this and be in profit before the day ends.

  • #1. Find an offer (I’m using ClickBank) following simple criteria
  • #2. Spy on what others are doing… I grab their best ads and keywords
  • #3. Send cheap paid traffic + Profit

Like I mentioned profits are not huge at this point but I’m still testing. And those falling campaigns served as a lesson which helps me understand the criteria required to profit instantly.

OK, that’s it for now… let me know if this case study is interesting in the comments below and I’ll do what I can to expand on it.

Mark Bishop

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