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If you know me, follow me or follow my blog (this one here) then I’m sure you will have noticed that I rarely do straight forward product reviews anymore.
Why? Well because that’s what everyone does… and quite honestly I like to do things a little differently. But I’m breaking my own rule today, and what you read here is:

A Straight Forward… Straight to the Point

Genuine Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Auto Affiliate Machine Review

Well kind of… but I do want to elaborate and fill in all the blanks for you…

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But Why do the Auto Affiliate Machine review?
Well because Auto Affiliate Machine is an automated version of something I have been doing for years successfully, I.e. using PDFs as sales tools. I even released my own training on how to do the same in 2017 called Hookum (still popular today)… So basically I know this method inside out, and I know it works.

So let me outline the method and tell you why it works. This is a generalised summary which would include any PDF system including Hookum and not specific to Auto Affiliate Machine


Why do PDFs Work
*In no particular order*

PDFs are underutilised, however they are extremely powerful… for example instead of writing a product review on your website or blog you could simply write a word document (or similar) add your links, turn the document into a PDF and then give them away to make affiliate commission.

Sounds too easy right… yes most people think that, yet I’ve been doing that very thing or variants on it for years 😉

Best Auto Affiliate Machine demo

Using a PDF as a sales tool means you don’t actually need a website either, No website, No additional Cost…. And tech free.
However if you have one (a website or Blog) as I do then you can also turn posts, product reviews etc into PDFs and distribute for even more reach and more potential affiliate income.

PDFs have a certain perceived value… For example: I have dropped ‘Free’ PDFs into Facebook, twitter, In YouTube descriptions… all over social media, and people open them. They get opened and read because of that perceived value (rather than just being a link dropped in a post).

I’ve used (still do) PDFs in emails… Think about it: a link to a FREE PDF is far more likely to get clicked than a typical affiliate link… Remember, perceived value is the key.

Micro Commitment:

Maybe you know about micro commitments, or maybe you don’t, so let me quickly explain. A micro commitment takes place each time a prospect completes a certain action. And each micro commitment builds a prospects vested interest.


  • Prospect clicks a link to download/ access your PDF – Micro commitment #1
  • They open the PDF – Micro commitment #2
  • They read the PDF – Micro commitment #3

So, 3 micro commitments, 4 if you include them clicking the link inside your PDF, that’s 3 more steps than simply clicking an affiliate link. Plus, once they open a PDF and read it… there are no distractions… There are no other posts to read or emails to open, because you have their attention right there in your PDF and therefor you are far more likely to make a sale.

Ok, so this is getting long and I haven’t even started the Auto Affiliate Machine Review yet lol. But it’s all relevant so stick with me, read this and you’ll do better than pretty much everyone else who buys Auto Affiliate Machine 😉

So, I’ve mentioned PDFs, Hookum, and how you can sell from within a PDF… In a while I’ll also explain how you can get lots of people reading your PDFs and clicking your links, I’ll cover this towards the end of this post. But first… Let’s talk about the product in hand and do that Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Here goes

By the way… you’ll find lots and lots of product reviews here there and everywhere, view with caution as not all product reviews are the same… I’m sure you know what I mean. But rest assured this is an:

Honest Auto Affiliate Machine

Auto Affiliate Machine is basically a software which, as I know you will guess, automates pretty much everything I have talked about so far.
The point here is to build product reviews into PDFs and distribute, sure you could do this manually, and if you want to then fine – go ahead, it works.
However if you want to save time, or have no idea how to format a review PDF with your affiliate link embedded take a look at this.

How Auto Affiliate Machine Works

It’s all pretty easy to navigate, I’ll be honest I haven’t watched the training, I simply clicked new campaign and I’m off and running. So number 1, it’s easy to navigate and use. Step 1 is to fill in the the details relating to the product you are reviewing / promoting and add details of any bonuses you might want to offer.

How Auto Affiliate Machine Works

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The fields are self explanatory. Filling them out in the sequence gets you the right structure and layout for your PDF, which is pretty cool if that isn’t something you want to be bothered with. Now on to part 2. Here you need to add your product review and product summary. You can find pretty much anything and everything you need from a product sales page which makes this copy and paste.

Add Your Affiliate Link

Obviously you’ll need to add your affiliate link (or there is No Point 😉 ). So as you can see from the screen shot, it’s easy to see where to add your affiliate link (mine is cloaked by the way)… Add your link and then choose one of the pre-loaded Call to Action buttons – Then create your PDF.

How Auto Affiliate Machine Works

Straight after you, or i should say ‘The software’ makes your PDF you can pop straight over to your campaigns where the hosted PDF link can be found and used (the link is hosted on the Auto Affiliate Machine server, so you don’t need hosting)

Auto Affiliate Machine PDF links

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Then… head over to social sharing (you’ll see it over on the left-hand dash) and share the hell out of your new post. As you can see I haven’t connected any accounts so I can show you that part but if you watch the quick demo video a little further down you will see how that works

Auto Affiliate Machine sharing feature


Auto Affiliate Machine Summary

So yes I have been inside the software and tried it out. Its easy to use and it makes the process of making review style PDFs very, very easy. And if you have read this post all the way through you’ll know that using PDFs as a sales tool works, it’s something I do myself (which is why I did an actual product review this time)


How to make money with PDFs

I have another tip for anyone buying Auto Affiliate Machine Today (you’ll see it near the end of this post) this one tip will get you lots of views and clicks almost instantly. But first… check out the demo below.

Auto Affiliate Machine Demo Video

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Bad Points:

I wouldn’t say bad points but I would have liked a full on WYSIWYG editor for the review part. I like to use bold and images to grab attention, but thats just me I guess.

Good Points:

Incredibly easy to use… no real learning curve and perfect for anyone on a budget or without a website… simply make your PDF (with your affiliate link embeded) and share it… then take the link and follow the steps at the end of this post. What about training… is there any? yes there are 2 modules, each containing 3 videos… did I watch them? No I didn’t, the software is as simple as simple gets to use so I didn’t see the need. But they are there if you need them.

Auto Affiliate Machine Training Videos

Auto Affiliate Machine Bonus

So here’s something you don’t see every day… I’ll just give you this little tip as a bonus (and hope you’ll purchase through my link lol) either way, if you are using PDFs as a sales tool, do this:

Free way to get your PDFs in front of a targeted audience fast… Document sharing sites
Submit your PDFs to the leading Document sharing sites… such as:

There are a ton more apart from the ones listed above.

Add the PDF to as many as you can… If you include buying phrases in Tags when you submit to doc sharing sites then the PDFs get seen and read quickly. You will also find that depending on the keywords you use when submitting your PDF will / may appear in Google organic listings (I.e. on the search engine).

All of which has the potential to make you more money.

Better still get a Fiverr provider to submit for you (that’s what I do)… I have hundreds of PDFs scattered all over document sharing sites just like this one

How to make money with PDFs

There’s hundreds of PDFs out there under different names, never mine… The Fiverr guys do it all for me ;)… like the image shows above. However they all have my links in them and they make me money (which is the point; right)… Simply head over to Fiverr – search for PDF submission and look out for these guys… it’s going to cost you $5 to distribute to 15 – 20 high authority sites (I have personally used both of these gigs many times 😉 )

PDF submission services

So whether you decide to purchase and use Auto Affiliate Machine, or not… I’m not going to twist any arms – give the PDF process a go… Believe me, it’s easy and it works… Thanks as always for reading and please leave me a comment below if you liked this post, feel free to ask questions too.

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