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All About BLOOOM

The following post, method and video will not appeal to all those who like complicated ‘high tech’ software solutions, the latest big thing or iffy loopholes.

But if you like simple, uncomplicated, evergreen methods… which will still work next month, next year and 5 years after that – then this is for you.

Old School… Twisted
BLOOOM is a modern day ‘supercharged’ twist on an old school method that the majority of the IM crowd have forgotten all about.

And the funny thing is that it never stopped working. Like so many good systems that follow the FUNDAMENTALS of marketing, it became overlooked in favour of the New shinier, Sexier, mega-swiss-army-knife-social-media loophole/strategy/trick.

In fact, BLOOOM is a very simple, straight forward system that puts ordinary people with zero tech skills and no desire to learn them in the driver’s seat of their financial future…..

The following video (31 minutes long) was recorded by me in order to explain and show what BLOOOM is and what it can do.


31 Minute Video Details BLOOOM from Start to Finish

Essentially BLOOOM enables you to extract unique content from inside YouTube Videos and produce engaging posts in minutes. There are a number of ways in which this content can be monetized including the full adsense training we’ve included… taught by Adsense Magician Abdullah Ashraf.

If you check some of the posts on this blog (mentioned in the video) you can see that I use BLOOOM to produce posts and Monetize with affiliate links.
Oh, and one last point… if you can extract and produce highly engaging and unique 500 word posts in minutes, how much could you make just selling that post as a writer or content producer?

Just thinking outside the box 😉

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them… please comment below (Comments)

P.S BLOOOM will be available from January 15th 2018



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