397 per sale x 25 Sales (Last Month)

The Other Way to do Affiliate Marketing (Bigger Results)

Affiliate marketing is great… yeah really.
Affiliate Marketing enables you, me and anyone else to make money from other people’s products…
And the work involved? Well, the work involved is minimal.

You see, I can write a post, send an email, make a video or post on social media with my affiliate link and I can make $100’s, even $1000’s in a single day.
Of course, it’s a lot easier for me to make so much today because I have an established blog and large email lists, but that shouldn’t put you off.

We all start from scratch

When I started out I had NO assets, No List… but I knew I could still make money as an affiliate… and I did.

There are other ways to do affiliate marketing, formulas which make you a whole lot more for the same effort… I had no idea these even existed when I started, but you will.

The Other Way to do Affiliate Marketing

While there is nothing wrong with typical affiliate marketing… I.e promoting cheap, gateway, entry level products and making money through the funnel (I do this daily). You can actually make a whole lot more from promoting Mid Ticket – High Ticket products.

Let me explain the terminology
Gateway, entry level products may cost anything from $7 – $47 (typically), and then as an affiliate you also receive a commission when the person you referred buys an upsell (after the initial purchase)… You get 50% as affiliate commission (typically), which is great.


Mid Ticket – High Ticket products typically start at around $297 up to $5000 plus and in most cases you also get 50%

So which product would you rather promote?
The Gateway product: If the funnel is good and converts over 25% you’ll end up making around $27 – $47 per person (figure based on my products)

Mid Ticket – High Ticket product: If the product converts, then you could make anything from $148 – $2500 per person


But surely it’s easier to sell a cheap product right?
Yes… of course it is. But you need to sell a lot of those cheap products to make a lot in affiliate commission whereas you do not need to sell a lot of high ticket products to make life changing money.

Practice What I Preach


High ticket cash machines review

High ticket cash machines review

I actually do this stuff myself… and you’d be mad not to do the same.

But How?
From the outside it can look close to impossible to make sales like this…

$397 per sale x 25 Sales (Last Month)

High ticket cash machines review

I Can’t Do That!

…Actually You Can
It only appears difficult because you don’t yet know how to do it… You don’t know where to find the offers, get accepted and more importantly you don’t know the little secrets to selling these high ticket products.

But You Will (If you: want to)
Selling High Ticket Products isn’t rocket science, I first learnt how to do it properly in 2016, and I’ve used what I learnt ever since.

15 Sales Equals $15,976

Selling High Ticket Products

Want to know which products to sell & How to sell them?

High Ticket Formula (step-by-step) – Click Here



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