The PreVue Method… Profit Without Selling

The Pre.Vue Method

How to Sell Without Selling

100% Newbie Friendly | No List Required | No Additional Cost | Easy To Do


Wanna know a little known fact? People hate being sold to… and yet they love buying.

The Secret…

Would you like to know another way to sell without selling?

I say another way because last year I released a product called BLOX which did just that, it allowed anyone to profit from affiliate products without directly promoting them… 

But what i have for you today isn’t BLOX…  Dare I say it this method code named Pre.Vue is actually better.

Better than BLOX?

Yep… BLOX requires you to have a blog, and while I still say having a blog and using it as a central hub for everything you do online is a great idea (and I do it myself).  But what if you don’t have a blog and don’t want to build one?

I know that there are many people who want something even easier than BLOX… I know that not all of you want to build a blog and write post after post. And of course I know that there are lots of you still struggling to make your first dollar online… is that you.


Pre.Vue Revealed

Right now Pre.Vue is kind of the code name for a system I’ve developed and plan on releasing very soon. Its an add-on method which provides REAL value first and then sells when the potential customers guard is down, and it works for everyone… yes genuinely (You’ll understand why when you read it).



What’s an Add-On?

  • Let’s say you purchased TEAZER and you now know how to rank in minutes for keywords using YouTube (depending on competition of course)… Now all you have to do is link to 1 page – give one of these value packed sales machines away and wait for the commission to land in your account. Yeah I know that sounds like hype (but stick with me).
  • Or lets say you have a blog and use the BLOX method… If you use BLOX you know you need magnets, but if you use one of these instead of a typical magnet you stand to earn twice.

Kartel Bonus

Use With Any System

Yeap… Pre.Vue is an add on which can be used with pretty much any affiliate method or traffic system out there.

  • All you have to do is give (yes I said ‘Give’) them away…
  • And when you give these (obviously to the people interested) then you WILL make money.

This is Pre.Vue

All you need are these 15 pages *All Steps Included*

15 pages detailing everything step by step is good, but what about examples? Well… I do this myself so I have examples for selling both info products as well as software products, and I’ve included both examples in Pre.Vue.

Want It?

Do you want your own copy of Pre.Vue today?

If you do… Here’s how.

#1 Pre.Vue is the bones of a product I’ll be releasing very soon… this PDF doesn’t come with all the fluff, bells and whistles, but it is the complete method… and it is easy. Plus it includes 2 real examples you can mimic (if you want to).

Can you have it FREE?

Well no, not exactly, but you can get it as a bonus today if / when you buy the following product through my link

Available Now


Shoddy, Unworkable Bonus

I dare say you’ve heard all about this product, and received a lot of emails. But today, rather than do a full on review, i’ll just let you consider what you get when you purchase through me.

It’s like an ethical bribe… Rather than some shoddy, unworkable bonus (you know the ones) you get access to Pre.Vue instantly… and remember Pre.Vue is an add-on product. So when you buy this product

Kartel Review

You can use Pre.Vue with it…

No strong-arm tactics here, this either sounds good or it doesn’t… but if you want Pre.Vue today (rather than paying a lot more for it when it’s released then grab this offer with both hands… And be excited, because this is both easy and bloody good (you’ll see).

Click The Following Button to Purchase KARTEL & Get PRE.VUE Instantly:

Copies Available [50 7 Remain] First come, first served

Available Now


P.S. The best comments will always get priority… Please leave a comment now, or once you have been through PRE.VUE. Better still leave 2 comments, 1 before & 1 after.

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