How to Become a Product Vendor in 24 Hours

Do this and I guarantee you’ll have a product ready to sell by the end of today. BTW you won’t need a list or any contacts to start selling either (see below).

Please Note - this post has been updated on 02/01/2018

How I started… my first product was SH*T (but it sold)

There is little doubt that owning and selling your own products is really where you make the most money online. I’ve been doing the very same thing since 2011 and believe me it works.
In 2011 while still working full time as a plumber here in the UK I built my first product… and you know what it was bloody awful, and yet it sold?

Based on that little piece of success I put together another… this time based around a niche which I knew about… that product became the catalyst for my current status.

Nobody Knew Me… And I Didn’t Have a List – So I Got My Traffic Here

Using nothing but PPC traffic that niche product started making me $100+ profit per day (using PPC). Later I added it to Clickbank and the earnings grew bigger and bigger, so much so that around 1 year later I sold that site on Flippa for $36,000

OK so I’m rambling a little here… what does any of this have to do with you becoming a product vendor in 24 hours?

They Know Zilch!

Well firstly I always like to speak from experience as much as possible… yeah there are a thousand people (probably more) in this online marketing business who will offer you advice, training and all manner of things based on zero experience.
You’ve seen those guys right… teaching people to do stuff they actually know zilch about themselves lol… but rant over for now, let’s look at some stats.

When you have your own products to sell you make money… simple as that

This Years $500,000

Here’s over $500,000 from 3 of my accounts from this year alone (Update: Closer to $600k by December 31st)

This Years $500,000

And this as a result of being a product vendor and selling my own products

Start Today, Here’s the Short Cut

So how do you get started today?

You’ve already seen how profitable selling your own digital products is… so what’s the short cut?

Actually there is a short cut that will enable you to start selling today and it’s called PLR.
PLR is an abbreviation of Privet Label Rights, and when you purchase PLR (with the correct licensing) you can basically slap your name on it and start selling it today as your very own product.

I Didn’t Have a List Either…

But surely I need a list?

I’m not going to lie to you, owning an email list of your own subscribers is the reason I can make the kind of money I’ve shown you above, that and connections in the IM space But that isn’t where I started.

Like I said my first, well second product really was reasonably successful initially not because I had a huge list and lots of powerful JV connections… back then I had neither.
I put my product on a platform called EJunkie (Not sure if it still exists) and drove traffic through PPC (Bing). And anyone can do the same.

Be Realistic

No you won’t make 500k+ per year to start with… but would an extra $100 per day help?
That’s the average amount I made per day when I started selling my own products online… and that was less than 7 years ago so as you can see the sky is the limit.


Don’t Be a Di*K

Use The Right PLR

So where do you get the best PLR?

PLR is everywhere, but you need to be careful, because many of the licences are unclear as to what you can do with the product. You’ll also find that 90% of the PLR available is as old as me (well not really, but its old and dated).
Selling old and dated PLR as your own product is a bad idea… Imagine selling a social media product which contained details on MySpace lol… yeah doing that is going to get you lots of refunds pretty darn quick… and get you labelled a Di*K

Do It Right The First Time…
Buy current products which fit the market and are bang up-to date
For example… here’s one I found today by HQPLR (High Quality PLR)


This 1 PLR Pack is huge, it’s re-brandable and you can start selling it today… and the crazy thing is it costs about $7 as I write this.

Here are some details to get you started…

YouTube Ads 2.0 Made easy is a complete & step by step course on:

  • How to make Money by YouTube Ads 2.0.
  • What’s hot & new in YouTube Ads 2.0
  • How to do the things step-by-step in a correct way.
  • It comes with Ebook, audio & video training. 
  • Its a Fully Rebrandable Training Guide
  • You get your own Doodle Style Sales Video
  • A Complete Professional Minisite Template (In 6 Colours)
  • Mind Map
  • Cheat Sheet
  • High Converting Sales Copy
  • Promotional Swipe Emails
  • Animated Banners
  • Professional graphics
  • How to setup Video Training
  • Top Resources Report
  • Some Extra bonuses

$7 and 2 Hours… And You’re In Business

Yes, you get all that and you get it for less than $10… so you see, you really can start selling your own product today (literally)
Using PLR like this means all the work is done for you… add your name / branding to it – upload it and start selling it as your own product.
And remember lack of a list and contacts is not an issue… buy cheap traffic from Bing PPC (as I did), Buy cheap traffic from Facebook or any number of other platforms.

If you want to start selling your own products today PLR like this is the fastest and easiest way to do it bar none. Everything is done – all you have to do is add your name and payment button…

Ready – Steady – GO

$7 and a couple of hours work is enough to turn this into $100+ today, tomorrow, and the day after that and for weeks and months to come. Can you spare $7 and a couple of hours? Sure you can, so what are you waiting for – Try it today

Have a question or two about using and selling PLR, re-branding it or anything else simply drop them in comments below and I’ll answer as soon as I can… Thanks for reading 🙂


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