Acorns, Toilets & Google Page 1… by Accident

Hi and welcome to part 2

If you missed part 1 click the link and read it first: 

So, first of all I want to thank you for taking the time to read these posts… it’s a tough call trying to figure out who to believe isn’t it.

So, why should you believe me?

Well I’m hoping my story, the system I use and the proof I show you will help… Why? Because I have a feeling I’m a lot like you (or is it: you’re a lot like me?)… Either way, you’re about to find out; how this works and why it will work for you.

In The Beginning

You remember me talking about the…

Toilet Fitter from the UK who now makes over $58,300 a month online?

Well that guy is me… yes seriously!

OK so I didn’t just fit toilets lol… I was actually a plumber specializing in bathroom fitting (which includes toilets, obviously). And I hated it… 12 hour days, on call night and day, filthy conditions (think of the toilets) and pretty average pay.

I Hated It and I Wanted More… How About You?

At the age of 45 I still worked full time as a plumber… was this it for me?

  • What do you currently do for a living?
  • Do you have a day job like I did… do you hate it as I did?
  • Are you happy just getting by? Or do you just want more out of life?

1.4 Million

When I put THIS PAGE together I’d just crossed $1.4 Million (over a 2 year period)…


Not Bad for a Toilet Fitter

I know… I.4 Million in 2 years sounds implausible, unachievable… Especially from where you probably are right now. But, believe me it’s true & it’s verifiable.

I.4 Million in 2 years blogging

So where do you… yes YOU, Start?

There is a simple answer to that question…. You start with a central point, a hub, a base, call it whatever you like but this part is crucial – Today I use a Blog for this very purpose, here’s mine:  Oh, you’re already on my blog aren’t you lol

Step 1: Your Asset…

Your Blog is an asset… it should be the hub of your entire business, and here’s a few reasons why:

  • It doesn’t matter what you do or what you try online not everything will work…. You know that already don’t you?
  • But if you tie everything to a central point ‘your blog’ then even the stuff that doesn’t work the way it was supposed to, still has an impact… it still grows your business.

Take BLOX for example… I designed BLOX for my own personal use. I designed the method to enable me to make a lot of money from affiliate products without actually promoting them… and yes it worked – but you probably already know the story right?

Read The Full BLOX Story Here

  • And today 100s of you are using the very same system on a daily basis… But here’s my point.
  • Although BLOX was designed to make me affiliate commission in hours there was a knock-on effect (there were several actually).

BLOX Posts Hit Google Page 1

One of the knock-on effects was: Google Page 1 Ranking – LOOK

Google Page 1 Ranking

Hint: Never take screen shots a face value.

Google ‘Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick’ for yourself and look for – click one of the links and you’ll see it takes you to one of my BLOX style blog posts.

A Happy Accident

Many of my BLOX posts hit page 1 of Google… many also rank at the top of Bing & Yahoo too

rank at the top of Bing & Yahoo

And these results, believe it or not were an accident, or as I like to say “A Happy Accident”. This Happy Accident however was only possible because I had a hub (my Blog), and I applied BLOX to that Blog… Are you following this? Do you think ranking on page 1 of Google, Bing & Yahoo for a phrase like ‘Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick’ drives lots and lots of organic traffic?

You Decide…

Free organic traffic

How much could you make if you could rank like this (without doing any additional work)… a few hundred dollars… a few thousand? – Think about it.

It’s a Long One…

My apologies for making this post rather long… I’ll keep the next one a whole lot shorter I promise, but let me summarise this for you now.

In order to be successful online, you need to:

Apply… The Acorn Principle

I.e. Start with a Blog, start small and scale it with everything you do or try. Think of your Blog as an Acorn, plant it, nurture it and grow it into a mighty Oak *you’ll find a complete Blueprint inside BLOX – Click Here*


About The Next Post… There is a Method which takes Newbies from Zero to Profit in Days, which I will explain tomorrow – Look out for my next post entitled: Carrot, Stick & Cash They’re All Doing It

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  • Comment below and let me know you’re interested… (The comments will help me establish if there is enough interest in this complete series for me to continue).
  • Look out for tomorrow’s post (or check your email)… Depending on interest.


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