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When I started my online journey I guessed I could make a great part time income from simply being an affiliate. Seems easy right?… you get a link, shoot it out to a targeted audience and make money Great.
Now here’s the reality… this process only really works when you have your own list of subscribers… But, you probably don’t have a list, subscribers or an audience you can sell to do you?

And so the only options you really have are SEO or paid traffic.

So I did what many people do, or did (because I didn’t have money for traffic…I set up little sites and hoped they would rank in Google for passive traffic which turned into easy profits, I got so good at this I even had my own formula. And it worked… It worked for a long time and I made a lot of money, but, nowadays, it’s just near impossible to get anything to “stick” on Google.

Sure paid traffic works, but it costs a lot of money and you could lose a lot of money before you see any real results.


So… What if there was Another Way?
Take a look at these results:

Free Bing Traffic


HACK – Googles main search competitors 

You’ve heard of Bing & Yahoo right?
Did you know that there’s a loophole people use to rank brand new & existing sites & pages on page #1 in 2 days?



If You Can Put On Your Socks In The Morning, You Can Do This…
When you put on your socks in the morning, its second nature, right? You don’t even think about it.

Now imagine if every time you put on a sock, you had a web site ranked at the top of Bing and Yahoo! receiving fast, easy and passive traffic.

Forget Google… Enter Bing and Yahoo

Google is tough… But, Bing and Yahoo are not. Both are top tier search engines with people ready to pour onto your sites/ pages and spend money… but they are largely overlooked.


The Quick Ranking Trick – Steps

Note: You can get the whole step by step formula at the end of this post (I’m not charging for it)


Chose a Niche
The term Niche can and is used to refer to any area or interest you may be interested in ranking for.

Free traffic from bing

Step 2:

Your 5 phrases
Here’s what you do with them

Free search traffic

Step 3:

Your Site / pages
Set up your site following this process… then use this 24 Hour Site Indexing ($5 cost)

Step 4:

Site Hub – Using a pre-sell – Sticky page and site wide linking.

Step 5:

Secret Rank Hack

Rank on page 1 of bing fast


That’s it… 5 steps… these 5 steps can get you in front of your targeted audience in 48 hours (simple stuff)

free traffic review



Get the whole step by step formula at the end of this post (I’m not charging for it)… See below.

+ Guaranteed Results In 7 Days

So, Free Traffic from Bing and Yahoo is great… but here’s something you can plug that traffic into and get results inside 7 days.

Get my PERSONAL… Done For You Money-Making Campaign… Just “Copy and Paste” For Guaranteed Results in Days.

Done For You Money-Making Campaign

You get my actual Done-for-you campaign to use as your own



make money online in 7 days

Do You Want FREE Traffic & Results in The Next 7 Days?


Today… you can have access to the Bing / Yahoo ranking trick (for Free Traffic) as well as my own D-F-Y income generating campaign.


When you gain access you’ll get instant access to all the step-by-step formula videos (it’ll take you around 1 hour to go through and understand). You’ll be able to check my ‘Live’ secret page and PDF.

You’ll have access to my entire campaign making this formula pretty much DFY. Follow the steps, plug-in my campaign and you’ll get results in 7 day or less!

BUT… This Is NOT For Sale
You can’t buy this system… But you can still get full access along with the Bing traffic method Today.



Access will be granted to 30 people without charge, and that includes everything.
Suitable for complete newbies


Would you like access?

How to Get Access to everything mentioned on this page

#1. Leave a comment below telling me why this method would help you.
#2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (so you can watch the training videos) – Click Here
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