7 Day Results System

7 Day Guaranteed Results System



Why Re-Invent The Wheel?

Use my PERSONAL… Done For You Money-Making Campaign… Just “Copy and Paste” For Guaranteed Results in Days.

7 Day Guaranteed Results System


Are You Tired Of Working Hard
And Making NOTHING?


A little while ago I shared a simple method anyone could use with a bunch of people, simply because I remember what it was like to work my ass off and end up with ziltch.

I can remember working all day at my day job and then another 5 or more hours nearly every night… hard work & little to show for my efforts.

What was different about the method?

Well unlike nearly everything you see released by established marketers the method in question was not linked to my standing in the marketing community, the results had nothing at all to do with my profile and I didn’t use my lists.

Basically the method in question was from scratch and yet guarantees results within 7 days… yes really!
It’s a great system, I use it myself & it’s stupidly easy… But I wanted to make it even easier for you.

Because, even though I explained and showed people what I was doing some people were bound to get things just a little bit wrong. And getting just one of the steps wrong, can and usually does mean the difference between getting the results you hoped and worked for or ending up with Zilch all over again.

  • So how can I prevent that from happening?
  • How could I literally GUARANTEE you get results in 7 days?
  • Simple… I’m going to give you my actual campaign, the whole thing from start to finish.

7 Day Guaranteed Results System


Instead of just teaching you how to make money online…

I’m Going To Make It Impossible FOR YOU TO FAIL


#1. Guaranteed Approval to Promote

The first hurdle for anyone just getting started is getting approved. With my system I’ll remove that hurdle and Guarantee approval (Even if you’re a complete NEWBIE with zero stats. On a side note this will allow you to build your stats so you can get approval for other offers quickly and without issue.

Guaranteed Approval to Promote


#2. My Secret Page

You get the actual page I use as a downloadable template. Download it, edit the piece of code I tell you to in the video & you’re ready to profit. Full video instructions as well as Live View and Template Download.

My Secret Page


#3. My Special (Editable) Conversion Siphon Doc

I’ll give you the clever little doc I personally use to siphon profit over and over again. I’ll give you my fully editable doc, show you where and how to add your link and then how to turn the doc into a special kind of PDF which I guarantee WILL get you results in 7 days or less!

get you results in 7 days or less!

My Special (Editable) Conversion Siphon Doc

#4. Copy and Paste HTML Follow-Up x6

Watch the quick video, download the file and plug them in. Everything is pre-formatted and include images and gifs… Follow my instructions – paste in the HTML code (nothing techy – just copy and paste). All you need to do is add your link

Results in The Next 7 Days


#5. Full Campaign set-up

Let me show you step by stem how to set up your new campaign so you know exactly what to do instantly. Full video instructions

Full Campaign set-up


#6. Use This Traffic

I’m already using this traffic source with the very same set up I’m giving you… watch this video to get started today.

Use This Traffic


#7. My Secret Swipe

These 130 words ensure you get the results you seek. It’s done-for-you, simply hyperlink 1 piece of text, sit back and wait for the results to pile into your accounts.

My Secret Swipe

My Secret Swipe


Do You Want Results in The Next 7 Days?

7 Day Guaranteed Results System is the same system I personally use… and unlike most systems you’ll come across this formula doesn’t require a list and has nothing to do with who you are.

When you gain access you’ll get instant access to all the step-by-step formula videos (it’ll take you around 1 hour to go through and understand). You’ll be able to check my ‘Live’ secret page and PDF.

You’ll have access to my entire campaign making this formula pretty much DFY. Follow the steps, plug-in my campaign and I 100% GUARANTEE you get results in 7 day or less!

BUT… This Is NOT For Sale

You can’t buy this system and I have no plans to release it anytime soon… But you can still get full access. On Wednesday the 12th December I plan to let 30 people have full access to the lot.


 Today: Sunday April 5th access will be granted to 30 people without charge, and that includes everything.

7 Day Guaranteed Results System is more effective and powerful than most of the training / systems available to you today… Powerful and yet simple, which makes this method applicable to all levels (even complete Newbies)

Would you like access?

How to Get Access to 7 Day Guaranteed Results System

  • #1. Leave a comment below telling me why this method would help you.
  • #2. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (so you can watch the training videos) – Click Here
  • #3. Click the Red button below for access details 

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