All Set for Failure? – How I Broke it

Failure… No not really

But I am out of practise… and I did destroy it all


You see this blog, yep the one you are looking at right now… well this is version number 2.

Why… because I completely Fu*%!d the first… lol


I’m a style Geek, no I don’t mean I dress to impress… what I mean is my websites and sales pages have to look just the way I see them in my head… It’s kind of an OCD thing. That’s both good and bad, good because it means I can envisage and design a killer sales page which sells lots of products. Bad because if I don’t have complete control over the look the smallest thing it can drive me insane.

Normally I work with page builders such as Optimizes Press 2.0 which gives me complete control over the complete look of the page. But as you may have read… I’d been wanting to build my own blog (again) for some time… just to drop in content and daily stuff etc (why give it all to FB).

So I did… I spent 2 days adding content tweaking and editing until my blog (this one was ready). But there were some styling issues… just little ones but big enough to force me to tweak and tweak and tweak… so much so that I broke it and lost all but one post.

So if you did see any of my posts on social media, clicked them and then saw a 404… that’s why.


I’ll try not to do it again (as it took me another day to fix it all)

Hope you enjoy the blog…. Especially if you are borderline OCD with design lol

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