Zero to 6 Figures in 6 months – Part 1

Niche Marketing The Old-School Way

It’s hard to escape the fact that making money online seems to have become more and more difficult. Systems and tools are more elaborate, more complicated and just too techy.

It may seem like you need a degree in rocket science to get started… but guess what – it’s all smoke and mirrors. Sure all that stuff is great if you want to future proof your business and move with the times…
But what if you simply want to make some online income without taking a degree in computer science?

Well one of my favourite methods is Niche Marketing. I’ll be honest, I’m no spring chicken so I’m not great with tech… in fact I just don’t understand it, but hey… who cares I still make seven figures a year online.

Weird Niche Marketing

And it all started with Niche Marketing.

So Niche Marketing… well I guess you could call it ‘Old School’ because it’s been around since this whole Internet Marketing thing began.
Some will even tell you its pointless or there is no money in it… but they are wrong. You see; when nothing else worked for me, niche marketing did, and I didn’t just make a few dollars here and there, nope – I made $1000s every week
For example: I made around $124.000 from one niche in 6 months… zero to 6 figures in 6 months (and no, I didn’t have a list at the time)

And it still works today… do you want some low tech passive income?
Yes… then listen up – over the coming week I’ll be posting one of my niche marketing systems right here so you can replicate (I won’t be charging anything for it)… all I ask is you comment, like, share.

Let’s get started…

No Fluff… this is what works. Just follow and profit.
This method uses ClickBank to locate products / niches to target (but you can use other platforms too).

Hint: ClickBank is still the go-to platform for digital niche products. Most pay 75% on the Front End… and in many cases; Competition is Loooow!


I always focused on niches which contained what I call the pain factor… for me it was embarrassing conditions. But anything will work providing you do this…


Do not deviate…. Find a niche and focus on it. Build your whole blog around it and recommend a solution (through your affiliate link).

Check next post: $100k in just months (Finding Your Niche)


$100k in just months What I am about to show you may not be the best or the most effective method of finding potential niches, But it is the method I use and it’s the method I used in order to go from $0 to over $100k in just months

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