How to Get on Google Page 1 In 8 Minutes

How to Get on Google Page 1 In 8 Minutes

How to Get on Google Page 1 In 8 Minutes… that sounds very specific doesn’t it. The reason I used that headline for this post is because that’s what I did yesterday… and yes it took me 8 minutes.

But I didn’t just get one position on page 1… nope.

6 Page 1 Spots in 29 Minutes

For the following phrase I took two top positions on Page 1 in 8 minutes… Phrase: The Paper Project review

Proof 1

How to rank on google page 1 in minutes

Proof 2

And for this phrase: The Paper Project demo. I landed the top 4 positions on page 1 in under 30 minutes

How to rank on google page 1 in minutes

The Paper Project demo phrase is still ranking in the top 4 positions on Google

How Did I Do It?

So I guess you wondering how I did it… you are wondering right?

Ok… well it’s obvious from the screen shots above that I used video in all cases… and in truth everything you see was the result of a thrown together case study… let me explain. Yesterday (or on the 13/2/18, depending on when you read this), I wrote a post about the ‘4 Core Steps’ and recommended readers take a look at a product called ‘The Paper Project’ [Read Post: Click Here]

After finishing and posting I checked my To-Do list and saw that I was late reviewing a product called ‘LiveVidRanker’ some of you may know that I review a lot of product.

Instant Google Page 1

LiveVidRanker is a SaaS (cloud based software) which automates a system I’ve long been interested in… and the result is – You get almost instant Google ranking for your videos

But would it work?

Well, I’ve already hinted that it did but let me explain how… So, it looked good (the software) and it looked easy… as such I decided to do a little case study.

Step 1

I took the Paper Project post and turned it into a quick PPT presentation, and narrated it, then I turned it into an MP4… So making the video was Step 1


 How to rank on google page 1 in minutes

Step 2

I added a phrase to LiveVidRanker… like this

LiveVidRanker Review


Software then produces a number of variations for the phrase I entered… In this case The Paper Project


LiveVidRanker Review

Step 3.

I add a video by clicking Choose File… here you can choose to use the same video for all variations of the phrase, or add different videos. For the case study I used the same video… I.e. the PPT I made from my blog post.

 LiveVidRanker Demo


You can also add Thumbnails for each video if you want to… I added one and then ran out of time. Once you’re set (Have your video or videos uploaded), decide whether to use all variations or delete the ones you don’t wat to use.

Step 4.

Set up scheduling and click submit

LiveVidRanker Review



And that. as they say was that… I’ll share what happened next below, but before I do that let me tell you a little bit more about this case study and why LiveVidRanker impressed the hell out of me.

So… Number 1. If you know me, then you’ll probably know I suck at tech… I don’t get it and I’m too old to learn new tricks… Basically; ‘if it aint easy you lost me’

But LiveVidRanker looked easy… and it was!

So easy in fact, that I didn’t have to watch the video tutorials… which is always a big plus for me lol. But of course the training is there for anyone who does need it.

LiveVidRanker Review


Number 2. It was obvious as soon as I looked at the software how this would benefit me, you and anyone else who used it… Blatantly Obvious

I mean, who in this business (and their right mind) doesn’t need or want instant page 1 exposure and instant traffic?

Number 3. It needs to be IDIOT PROOF (for me I mean)… While putting the case study (previously mentioned) together I made a number of mistakes… such as timing / scheduling etc. (my 6 year old daughter was running riot in my office at the time). And yet, even with the mistakes I made, two video thumbnails (mine) were right there on Google page 1 in 8 minutes.


OK… But How Does It Work?

Essentially the software enables you to capitalize on YouTube Live Feed / Event… and as I’m sure you know YouTube / Google love live stuff. And of course Google own YouTube so anytime you do that Live Streaming thing, not only will you rank well in YouTube, you’ll also do well on Google Organic. Live streaming is the key to this, but of course you never actually do it live… you just stream your pre-recorded videos as live using LiveVidRanker

Under the Hood

On top of the live streaming element there are a few other factors that have a big impact. As you know I’m not a techy guy so this won’t be techy – But each variation (Videos) are streamed at different times, however each one is linked with 2 others (Interlinking all video streams for instant backlinks I guess)

LiveVidRanker Review


Do You Need This Software?

Nope… you can do all of this manually. But you will have to do it all live and manually tie each video together to have the same impact. If your happy doing that then go for it… But honestly… do you have the time for all that, can you be bothered?

Make Money with This Software

LiveVidRanker is (at least for me) much, much more than a huge time saver… this is a tool which I’ll be using several times per week in my own business, because it’ll make me more money… simple as that.


Let me give you some examples of how I plan to use it

Idea #1

Do you have my Hookum System?… basically hookum is all about giving something away to make money… I.e a specific type of PDF (which does the selling for you). I’ll be using LiveVidRanker to rank videos in niches and for products… I’ll be using a PPT presentation of the Hookum PDF… but only a taster. In order to get the whole method (contained in the PDF)… they’ll need to click the link under the video & download the Hookum PDF

Hint: The PDF you are reading right now… I believe it’s pretty compelling, you might too, either way some people will… and in a moment I’m going to offer up a link to go check out LiveVidRanker for yourself…  You might buy the software through this link (my link), of course you might now… but some people will instantly see the value in this and buy – When people buy I’ll make a commission

So, I could take parts of this PDF and turn them into a PPT presentation, save as MP4 and live stream several variations using LiveVidRanker… as a result they would rank… I’d get free traffic… people would read the PDF… some would buy through my link… and I make money.

Oh and that’s an evergreen thing… do it once – make money passively.

Idea #2

This ones really for anyone who wants to make money quickly from product launches (without a list). Grab that product name, and do a review then rank it in minutes at the top of google with your cloaked affiliate link in the description.

Idea #3

Not everyone loves the product launch / product jacking business model… so why not capitalize on the 100s of niches found on ClickBank. Lets face it… those niches are going to make you easy peasy profits when you incorporate LiveVidRanker It’s as simple as copying and pasting from the sales page into slides, turning it into a video and then dominating any phrase with 1 click

And the list goes on and on and on…. CPA, list building, Launch Jacking, High Ticket… Even traffic to your blog posts… For example: why not turn your posts into video presentations and blast them out for more free traffic (I’ll be doing that)

Not For Everyone…

For me LiveVidRanker is the best thing since sliced bread… it’s a tool I’ll be using myself because it’ll make me a load of cash (which I like). But it might not be for you and this was never meant to be a hard sell… Either you see the value in this software and want it, or you don’t… But if you do want it… then I want you to buy it through me (obviously) and as a result I’m doing something BIG on a limited basis



#1. Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick PDF

Buy through my link and get my Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick PDF. See this post for details:

#2. Daily Profit Blog Trick PDF

You’ll get this PDF too, I’m using this very method almost daily to make 100s of dollars… It’s also evergreen and passive. See this post for details:

#3. How to Make Money with Clickbank in 2018 (Plan 3) – PDF & Videos

This variation on the Clickbank Marketing Trick proved so popular that I closed it down to new members… but it’s yours today. See this post for details:


In fact all 3 products are yours today when you purchase LiveVidRanker through my link (that’s how much I like this software).

Another case study yesterday: As you know I did one case study for the paper project, mentioned above. The, as I was recommending / promoting LiveVidRanker, I thought I’d do the same for this very tool… Here’s a few of the results which have now streamed:

LiveVidRanker Review

LiveVidRanker Review

LiveVidRanker Review



Please not bonus offer is for commercial license. 

LiveVidRanker Review


P.S. If you enjoyed reading this post or have questions about LiveVidRanker please comment below

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