ClickFunnels kiIIer – FunnelsKit With No Monthly Fee

The ClickFunnels™ kiIIer… Is coming

…And it’s BIG NEWS because there are NO Monthly fees!!!


ClickFunnels™ is great… and I’m certainly not knocking it.
It works because it’s loaded with features, which combined delivers a complete marketing solution. The downside is… it comes at a BIG MONTHLY COST. ClickFunnels™ has two subscription options ranging from $97 to $297 per month depending on the features of each plan.

Can you afford that?
Unfortunately for most people (especially new marketers) 97 to 297 dollars per month is way too ex.pensive… and that’s a problem.

Because in order to even get started online you need the basics, such as:

 1. Autoresponder
2. Landing Pages / Sales Pages / Thank You Pages

And if you’re self hosting instead of using something like Clickfunnels then you’ll also need.

3. A Domain
4. Hosting
5. And a little technical know-how (CPanel etc)

Solution: Like ClickFunnels™ Without the BIG Price.

From August 13th you can get all the CF features you know, love or want… without any monthly fee.

• Drag and Drop Page Builder
• Customizable Sales Page Templates
• Customizable Lead Page Templates
• Customizable Thank You Page Templates
• Built In Autoresponder Mailer
• Email Templates
• Email Funnel System
• Membership Creator
• Advanced Training
• Plus lots more…

The list above is me just scraping the surface, but I’m sure you can see from just those elements that the new ‘FunnelsKit’ (that’s the name of the product) is all set to be ‘THE COST EFFECTIVE’ ClickFunnels alternative.

How do I get FunnelsKit?

FunnelsKit logo

FunnelsKit goes on sale to the public today (August 13th @11am US Eastern) for the first time ever, however 100’s of beta users have been using and helping with its development for the last 21 months… So the results are already in


Before I say… “Now go over to the EB FunnelsKit page and watch their in-depth videos” I want to be completely up-front with you… FunnelsKit will cost you $97 (just once).

I know some of you (especially new marketers) will think 97 dollars is too much, but remember this price includes everything you need… They even host all your pages, sites, membership portals for you, so you don’t even need hosting.

*I pa.y more than double that each month just for hosting*


Win a F.R.E.E Copy of FunnelsKitVisit THIS Page for Details

Step 1…

Make sure you watch the In Depth FunnelsKit Videos Today.


Step 2…

Look out for my email tomorrow for some unique and very special bonuses and additional value

Plus: Look out for my Tip Series (a Daily Tip detailing a system you can use with or without FunnelsKit)… You can access all TIPS regardless of whether you get FunnelsKit or not (No strings).


Remember: Step 1 – Click Here

Watch the InDepth FunnelsKit Videos


P.S. Your Bonuses are NOW ready – Click here to view

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