Put $1 In – Get $149 Out

Buy it for $1 – Sell it for $149

The following post is suitable for absolutely anyone looking to make more money each week without the usual time, effort and work. However I’ve included it here on my blog specifically for those of you who have a severe lack of funds… But need to make money fast – Is that you?

Do you have $1 to invest?


Yes… then you’re qualified. Yes, seriously. Forget traffic, lists, affiliate marketing, product launching and all that stuff – this is one of the easiest ways of making money online you’re ever likely to come across… And it’s Genuine

1000% Mark-up

Essentially the whole method revolves around buying one commodity from one site ‘Cheap’ and selling it for 100x more than you paid on site number 2 – that’s it… So what’s the commodity you’ll be buying and selling? In a word – Domains

Perhaps you have heard of domaining before and thought, nah that’s beyond me, or nah that won’t work. Well if you did, then prepare to get very excited as this spin on an established method is designed for newbies and it works. So before you hit the back button or go read another post look at this:

Flipadom review


These are $1 domains being sold from 98x their purchase price to 448x the purchase price…

Click Here


448x the purchase price… that’s well over 4000% ROI – Sound good?

Now as I write this post know that there will be a good number of you that have looked at buying and selling domains before… I have considered it myself. But after looking at the process (in the past) I just couldn’t be bothered.
Truth is domaining isn’t usually as straight forward as some would have you believe… you also need access to software and the selling platform’s are a pain and cost money, often more than you make. This method is different.


Designed by a Newbie for Newbies…

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that half the stuff you buy online is produced by people who are already making a killing online, people who have the resources and money to make things work.
But Bobby isn’t one of them… nope, far from it. Bobby is basically a newbie, perhaps like you he followed the well-trodden path, I.e. Affiliate marketing, etc. etc. – and it didn’t work.
It probably didn’t work because he didn’t have resources, time and money to invest… so he developed his own little twist on domaining… Which goes something like this:

Domain flipping

Step 1

Using a simple search criteria (3 points) you search for recently expired domains.

Flipadom demo

Flipadom Bonus

Step 2

Cross ref shortlist of domains for added value… For example the domain in the screen shot below is 2 years old and has 137,000 backlinks, which as I’m sure you can imagine is built in value.

Flipadom bonus

And yet you can still buy domains like this for $1

Click Here

STOP: At this point I feel it’s important for me to point out that finding a domain with lots of backlinks is not the point here… this works with domains which have none, but anything that ads value is a plus right? 😉

Flipadom review

Step 3

Get a free appraisal / valuation… like I said Bobby was a newbie when he started this, so everything had to be free. You can drop a domain name in here at any point and get a free appraisal / valuation (no restrictions).

How to flip cheap domains for profit

In the example above bitcoinaffiliate.com is valued at $938… It’s obviously gone / sold now (but you could have snapped it up for a couple of dollars).

 Flipadom review

Step 4

Sell it: Having looked at many domain flipping methods I can tell you that this is where things are really quite different. Usually you’ll be told to list them in auctions such as Godaddy and Flippa but not this time.
Bobby wanted / needed quick results as I’m sure many of you reading this now do too… and he didn’t want any costs up front (or if the domain failed to sell) so he did this…
He sells the domains on Warrior Plus

Flipadom review

Warrior Plus is just one of 3 places Bobby sells domains, but this was the platform that made me take a close look. I’ve never actually seen this done or heard of anyone doing this before but he is and so can you.


There is of course, a little trick to the selling on W+ bit (which I’m not at liberty to divulge here)…

But you can Get The Full Method Here

Click Here

Does this really work?

It’s an obvious question… and the answer is yes.
Bobby shared the process with Trevor… Trevor followed it and made even more (as the screen shot below shows)


Flipadom review

Domain flipping business

Is it Easy?

YEEEESSSS…. I’ve never seen anything as easy as this… and it’s cheaper that a cheap thing on a cheap day (that means CHEAP) – most of these domains are going to cost you around $1.

You can spare $1 right?

Buy them cheap… get a free appraisal / valuation (this bit is important as you will use it and add it when you list on W+) – then you sell it on W+ using a simple but unique little process.


Would you like to know how to sell a $1 domain for $99+ as often as you like?…Let me know in the comments section below – Do that first and then click the button below for full details.

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