Rank Simple Niche Sites on Page 1 of Google for Easy Affiliate Commissions

Its almost 2018… and yet much of what I am seeing and reviewing lately reminds me of 2012… but that’s actually a good thing.
You see, today nearly everything is about technology, software and automation and that’s great, but in reality the core methods have been largely forgotten. Without understanding the core methods, all the automation in the world is not going to help you crack the online treasure trove.


The Make Money Online Code

Everyone is looking for that secret system which will make them rich overnight, that hidden code or that 1 click solution.

Do you want to know the secret?
Well the secret is… there are no real secrets, just a set of rules.
#1. Find / produce something to sell which people actually want to buy
#2. Utilise the quickest, most cost effective way of placing that product (your link) in front of the people who want to buy it
#3. Profit

It’s not rocket science… but there are lots of different ways in which you can apply this 3 step process and that is where most people get confused and side tracked… and this is perhaps one of the most straight-forward.

The Micro Site

#1. Find / produce something to sell which people actually want to buy
#2. Build a product based / specific blog (following a simple set of on blog / off blog rules)
#3. Rank the blog on page 1 of google and make money.

Did you forget this process? Yes it still works and people are doing it daily.

P1 Profits Review

The Authority site

#1. Find a niche where people buy many products
#2. Build a niche based blog (following a simple set of on blog / off blog rules)
#3. Rank the blog pages / posts on page 1 of google and make money.

P1 Profits Review


Google Page 1 Example

For example… My Site: this blog here, the one you are on right now. It is full of posts which might be of interest to anyone looking for a way of making money online. Some of the posts rank high while others don’t. But the point of an authority site is that those posts which do rank well suck visitors in and because the site is full of content they are interested in, they read other posts and they buy from you.

P1 Profits Review

OK, so that all sounds very easy right… what’s the catch?
There are rules and steps you need to follow… but they are all basic and easy to understand.

But exposure is the key… appearing on page 1 of google is the key to making a lot of money from niche blogs, it was in 2012 and it still is today.
And this is how you hit google page 1 in around 48 hours… Watch: Click Here

P1 Profits Review


Google page 1 in 48 hours

Ok, so cards on the table… this is gaming the system for almost immediate placement on Google page 1 and if you’re opposed to tricks or hacks don’t do this… don’t even look at it.

But if on the other hand being able to rank micro site’s, pages or posts in around 48 hours then take a look at this case study. Ranked on page 1 and profiting $1,156.80 in Just 48 hours…


P1 Profits Review

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