Money For Everyone? Sounds Too Good To Be True… [Review]

Can This Really Make Money For Everyone? [Review]

Live @ 11am EST Thursday 17th December

Welcome and thank you for reading my latest review, where I take a look at Money For Everyone – which claims to be a never-seen-before method that absolutely anyone can make money with…

I see a LOT of products every single week, so I’m intrigued to see if it really is something new, or even if it is a cool new twist on something I’ve seen before…

But most importantly for you, I am going to go through and show you everything you will be getting, and my views on it, so that you know what you are getting when you buy.

Read on to see what it is all about and please read to the end to see what I am offering in my VIP extras when you get your copy through me (any button or link on this page)

Live @ 11am EST Thursday 17th December

What Is Money For Everyone All About?

Money For Everyone is based on something the creators have been doing for years now… so you know it isn’t a ‘hack’ or a ‘loophole’ and if you put it into action you will see results…

But what are they using to get these results?

They have created a software method that uses the free Amazon Kindle platform to generate free traffic, which then gets taken into a DFY funnel where you collect leads and make commissions without lifting a finger (you don’t need anything extra for this to work, it’s all included)

I was a little dubious about whether this was really a new method… but it really is a twist that I hadn’t thought about with the use of such a big platform as Kindle.

I mean, they get 1000’s and 1000’s of visitors every day, and the method they lay out (combined with my EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS) means this could be a very profitable system for newbies and experienced marketers alike.

The beauty of this is that it is so simple to do, you don’t need to know anything about kindle to do this… and it is fully scalable, so the sky is the limit on earnings…

If a 61-year-old retired police officer with no experience can do this… so can YOU!

Live @ 11am EST Thursday 17th December

What Do You Get With Money For Everyone?

The way that Money For Everyone works is very simple, but very clever…

Obviously I am not going to give away the exact method in this review, but I can tell you what you get when you buy

Training Videos
The main bulk of the product is a set of 12 videos explaining all the steps you need to take to make this work.

Don’t panic though, they are short and to the point, meaning you can digest them really quickly and get on with the important part of making money with the method.

There is nothing extra that you have to buy, they give you links to all the tools you will need, it really is self contained which I really like…

One of the parts shows you how to find what you should make you kindle book about (don’t worry, they also show you how to get content with no work) and although it is good, I know that I can make it better, so I have added an exclusive VIP extra that will boost your chances and make you stand out from everyone else getting this today (read to the end to find out what it is)

Free Software
The next part of the system uses software to create your funnel pages and get traffic.

In fact, it gives you access to two different pieces of software, one for the free website that makes you money, and one for the traffic getting (see my other VIP EXCLUSIVE for how I have made this even better too!)

It’s as simple as adding your affiliate link and using the free site it builds where it shows you to in the training.

Skype Group
The other part of the training that I think is worth mentioning is access to a private Skype group.

The beauty of this is that everyone in the group can help each other out with ratings and free downloads of your kindles…

With this addition to the course, although simple, they are really giving something extra.

I went through all the training and set the whole thing up in about an hour…. and I was taking notes for this review, so you could probably go through it even quicker.

Don’t think for a second that fast means bad though, there is nothing left out, and with my extras…. well, the sky is the limit with this one!

Live @ 11am EST Thursday 17th December

How Much Is Money For Everyone Going To Cost Me?

Right now it is only  $17 so it isn’t a lot of money for a complete system like this.

You get 2 pieces of software and all the training for that, which I think is a really good deal.

The cart opens at 11am EST Thursday 17th December 2020

You will see a few OTO’s as well (One Time Offers) that are worth getting if you can and very reasonably priced also.

Obviously you don’t need the OTO’s to make this work though.

Money For Everyone Summary

Money For Everyone is a solid method.

It takes something we all know works, freebies and funnels, and adds a very cool new twist with the Kindle part.

You don’t need to have any previous knowledge or experience to make this work, you just follow the steps and it works…

I think that anyone will be able to do this and create some income.

So the big question is should you get this?

I’m going to say YES to this one, especially with the VIP extras I am giving you.

Go through the course, implement it and there is no reason why you won’t see results.

Why Should You Get Money For Everyone Through Me?

Look, I know you could get this from a lot of different places, and I hope my review has helped you make up your mind…

So, if you going to grab it, why should you get it through me?

Well, because I have been through the whole product I have found a couple of places that I know I can make this even better…

So I am going to give you TWO exclusive extras that will boost this and make you more than others not using them.

But I’m not stopping there…

I’m also giving you SEVEN more full products, and even more extras straight from the vendor!

This makes this VIP Package a MONSTER and should make grabbing this through me (any link or button on this page) a total no-brainer.

Just grab your copy of Money For Everyone from me through this page and you will also get these:

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Part of the process for Money For Everyone to work is finding niches to target…

They do cover this in the training but the issue there is that everyone that buys this will be doing exactly the same thing…

Which is why I have decided to put together my personal methods for finding the right niche to target with these…

This VIP EXCLUSIVE means you will be leaps ahead of anyone else getting this today…

And it is yours FREE when you get Money For Everyone through me.

Live @ 11am EST Thursday 17th December


Using Kindle is a genius way to get traffic…

But it doesn’t have to be the only way, after all, you have the e-book now (easy to create and they show you how) so why not get more eyeballs on it?

So I have decided to give you my tried and tested method to get these out and about everywhere…

And this isn’t just theory, I do this day in and day out, and now I am sharing it with you.

Just grab this product through me (any link or button on this page) and yo will get this exclusive extra.


Live @ 11am EST Thursday 17th December


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Going live at 11am EST Thursday December 17th 2020 – Money For Everyone – Get Your Copy Now

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Thanks for reading my review of Money For Everyone and enjoy your copy and extras!

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