Stop Being an Affiliate and do This ($35.08 per sale)

How to resell other peoples products and keep all the money

This post is kind of a follow up to the one I dropped in here a week or so ago called: How to Become a Product Vendor in 24 Hours
If you saw that post you’ll know I was talking about using PLR to get started as a vendor. But PLR isn’t the only way you can get started fast… I mean in hours.
In this post I’m going to talk about Resell Rights or reseller rights.

Now like PLR you can pick up reseller rights to a mountain of junk out there for a few dollars… but in most cases that’s a few dollars badly spent… yep most of it is junk

But there is some great stuff too.
Enter the BIG launch… You see the big launches happening all the time right. Perhaps you have purchased a number of products, either way you can see how popular they are can’t you?
And with popularity comes what we call Buzz… basically everyone (well lots of people) are aware of that product, its hit their inbox multiple times so the barriers are down and they are more likely to buy that product in a given time frame.

So what if you could resell those very products and keep all the money? That would make sense right?


Did you know that you can sell other peoples products and keep all the money?

Yes… with many well-known ‘Big Selling’ products you can get reseller rights, but there is an issue in terms of cost. I.e. in most cases you would have to go through the product funnel (having purchased at least the FE (main product) before you get to the reseller option.
Then (In most cases) the cost of buying the rights to resell that particular product will normally cost you well over $100

For example
On Animatio (one of my products)
Buying resale rights will cost you…

  • Animatio – reseller 250: $197
  • Animatio – reseller 100: $167

In order to be presented with this option (reseller) you will need to purchase the FE (Main Product)… which right now will cost you $67. So in total… if you wanted reseller rights to Animatio today (Animatio – reseller 100) you would need to pay $234.

Hefty price right?

Of course… that isn’t cheap, however owning the rights to resell Animatio 100 times actually means you can sell to 100 customers and most customers buy more than 1 item in a funnel.
It means that every item a customer buys through your referral is credited to you at 100% commission… I.e you get all the net profit from the sale of all products in the funnel which in the case of Animatio could total more than $300 per customer.

OK… so $300+ per customer does happen, some people will buy everything in the funnel – But most will not. If you take a look at a snap shot of some of my own product stats below (taken from two of my JVZoo accounts) you can see that the overall sale amount equates to roughly $40 per customer.


How to resell other peoples products
Still using Animatio as an example (not blurred in image) the income per customer is $35.08
So… If you purchased the reseller option today (and had to buy the FE – as mentioned above) it would cost you $234. So in order to recoup your investment you would need to sell to sell Animatio to 7 people.

Now for the fun bit… if 7 people cover your investment the next 93 people are pure profit. We’ve already established that for each person who enters the funnel the average overall value is $35.08.

So… 93 x $35.08 = $3,262

This means your investment of $234 which seemed expensive initially actually turned out to be a huge bargain. Few people see the value in purchasing reseller options, those who do make a stack of cash… this model is similar to 7FF which was the reason I joined it. But this post isn’t about 7FF… Nope it’s about you becoming a reseller when you see the opportunity.


And today Opportunity Knocks

You may have seen a product hitting your inbox as you read this post called Instant Video Pages, if those emails haven’t arrived yet believe me they will.
The product is by Brett & Mike, both well-known and trusted marketers in the IM space and the interesting aspect to their launch is not the cloud based landing page builder itself but the fact that they are including the reseller option in the FE (Main product)

FE: Instant Video Pages + 50 license ‘done for you’ reseller upgrade: Cost $37

About the product…
Cloud based software that lets people create professional quality / mobile responsive video bonus pages, sales pages, and squeeze pages in just 60 seconds! Also comes with a free 50 license “agency access” upgrade that lets people sell the entire system as their own product with everything done for them!

So… if you grab Instant Video Pages quickly (Today: Nov 24th @10am) you’ll be able to start selling the product for yourself. You can sell it 50 times and if we look back at the average income per sale ($35+ per person) we can instantly calculate that you will only need to sell Instant Video Pages to around 1 person to cover your costs… the other 49 people are all profit.


Should you buy it? Well that really has to be your decision… It’s a video landing page builder which if you need one is great. But the big PLUS for me is the very cheap reseller pack which is included in the FE… that alone could amount to over $1700 in profit.

Plus… If you like the idea of the reseller business model – buy through my link and I’ll include a reseller license to Animatio as a bonus (License to sell to 30 People). Sell Animatio to 30 people and make over $1000 profit (based on an average $35 per person).

Please ensure you actually purchase through me if you want my bonus.


* Reseller details for Animatio can be found inside your JVZoo purchase area immediately after purchase.

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