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B L O O O M… is coming
I’m taking this opportunity to mention what I believe will be a very useful tool (and training) for many people looking to grow their businesses online.

BLOOOM… what is is?

Number 1.
It is a WP Plugin which enables users to pull complete articles / content / posts from YouTube videos
No I don’t mean descriptions and all that stuff… I mean the actual stuff being talked about inside the video… and that’s pretty damned cool.
Plus… in most cases the content is unique (it’s not written down).

I’m not the tech guy so don’t ask me how the content is extracted but it is and it works.
You can build complete posts including tags and images with a few clicks…

Number 1.
But building content isn’t where it ends.

We’re currently adding a ton of training which when applied with the plugin has the potential to earn (and multiply) site revenue daily.

Updates to follow… Scheduled release date: December 6th 2017


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