A Real and In-Depth Swift Review PLUS My Exclusive PDF System (FREE)

A Real and In-Depth Swift Review
PLUS My Exclusive PDF System (FREE)

In my latest review, I am showing you Swift, a new product to be launched to help you make money online.

I’m going to go into the concept that Swift is built around, show you inside the software, and let you know how this can help you get results faster.

I am also going to be offering you, totally free of charge, an EXCLUSIVE system that works perfectly with Swift…

You won’t be able to get this from anyone else, and by the time you finish reading this post, I just KNOW you will want to grab this while you can…

What Is The Concept Behind Swift?

​Swift is a brand new release that I will get into shortly, but first I wanted to talk about the concept behind it and why it is so powerful.

In fact, I am going to be doing this review a little differently and sharing with you what my exclusive extra can do…

And then you will see why that, combined with Swift, is an absolute no-brainer…

So, let me tell you about my EXCLUSIVE PDF SYSTEM (Free for anyone getting Swift from this page)

What Is My Exclusive PDF System About? (Free)

I have been developing a system using the content that Swift creates (very easily) for a while now.

In fact, I have been using variations of this system for YEARS… and it still works daily.

It can be used to create lists, income, traffic… whatever you want.

And the beauty of it is that you only need to set it up once – which takes less than an hour – and it will be making you money within 24 hours.

But it doesn’t stop there.

It keeps on building your lists, making you money or sending traffic for weeks, months and even years afterwards.

All from setting it up once.

I know I said it takes about an hour… but that was before Swift came along…

I think you could have it done in half the time now.

Why Does The PDF System Work So Well?

The reason it works as it does (amazingly well!) is because all you are doing is giving things to people for FREE.

And who doesn’t like free?

After years of using this and tweaking it to get the absolute most of it, I can literally guarantee this will work for you if you follow what I teach.

This isn’t based on theory.

This is based on hundreds of results, that I have personally created.

And, as I mentioned, you can have this simple (but powerful) tactic set up and working for you TODAY in less than an hour.

How Quickly Can The PDF System Bring Results?

You can be making money in 12-24 hours after you have this set up (easy)

Building lists, making money… and it works for ANY niche you want to tackle.

How Easy Is It To Use The PDF System?

If you know me, then you know I am not a tech-head at all…

So when I put this system together I knew it had to be simple.

Something that an ordinary person with zero tech skills and zero experience could use to make hundreds of dollars every week.

Something that I could throw up every day with no hassle – and, more importantly, could teach others to mimic and get results.

So, I came up with my PDF system – a simple twist on an old school method – which makes it ridiculously simple for anyone to make money (sometimes within hours)

No Thinking Required: This is a super simple and easy to replicate system designed to make cash quickly and consistently (that’s important)

Zero Maintenance: Create what I show you in less than an hour, especially with Swift being used (I wish it had been around when I started this!)

Scalable: Build one, then build another, and another… the sky really is the limit and Swift gives you unlimited content too…

Hair-on-Fire Audience: This can be used for any niche which means no matter what you are involved in you can get targetted traffic and sales.

Easy To ‘Sell’: You are giving things away… so really there is no selling at all!

How Much Money Can I Make With The PDF System and Swift?

I created the PDF System to get me affiliate commissions from several methods.

It brings in a steady stream of daily income but how much is enough for you?

Here’s the thing… What I’m going to share with you in this exclusive system isn’t for everyone, for one simple fact.

When most people talk about making money online they are thinking of BIG things…

Sports cars, mansions, jetting around the world…

And while this is absolutely possible with online marketing, it doesn’t happen overnight.

And it rarely happens with one system in place…

There are some opportunities out there that could make you massive amounts overnight, but they also require you to invest huge amounts of time & money.

My PDF system will make you money… but if you are thinking “I want to make thousands a week, not hundreds” you’re missing the point…

Follow my exclusive system and in less than an hour, you will have your first project up and running.

Once you have that one up and running your work is done – you can expect to make money within 12-24 hours, and then daily after that.

So, what’s to stop you doing another… and another… and… you get the idea…

You do it once… And it pays you day after day, month after month… sometimes even year after year.

So let’s stop & do the maths…

If one project makes an average of $20 per day (easily achievable)

With just one out there, you will make around $600 for less than 1 hours work.

Fast forward a year and that works out at around $7200 (but you still only spent less than an hour… not a bad payback!)

So, let’s assume that you build 10 of these instead of just 1, each taking you less than an hour to put together…

Amazing right?

Just think what you can achieve if you built these for a week, two weeks, even 3 weeks… 10 projects, 20 projects, 30 projects… it really is up to you.

And with Swift to create the content… it’s even easier than I thought it out to be!

You would be bringing in $100’s / $1000’s a week without having to do hardly any work.

What Exactly Does Swift Do and Why Is It Different?

So, now you know how powerful my PDF Method will be for you, but what is Swift and where does it fit into all of this?

It helps you out in a few different ways…

Swift is a web application compatible with Mac, PC, and Mobile that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to not get traffic.

That’s because Swift does all the heavy lifting for you, every step of the way…

So whether you’re a green as grass newbie or an experienced marketer who isn’t seeing the results they want to online, this will work out for you.

One thing I really like about Swift is that they don’t try to push any extras on you.

If you are anything like me then you HATE hidden fees.

Nothing is more frustrating than picking up a product only to realize you to pay for an extra tool or upgrade.

Although there are optional upgrades, everything is included inside of Swift for you to start generating traffic to your links out of thin air.

Other than your investment in Swift, you won’t pay a dime extra to get traffic.

Combine this with my PDF System and you have a real winner.

Why Is It Different?

The one thing that makes Swift different is it siphons traffic from a completely untapped, 80 million user source, at the press of a button.

While marketers are fighting fiercely on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, this overlooked traffic source is extremely lucrative as there is little to no competition!

It’s the blue ocean filled with the traffic you need to make money online and they make it as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1. Choose Your Niche

Enter any keyword inside of Swift to choose your niche

Step 2. Enter Your Link

This can be anything. Affiliate links, opt-in links, websites… There are so many ways you can use this traffic…

Step 3. Activate The Automation

Swift will start putting your link in front of the eyes of up to 80 million hot users…

Inside The Swift Membership Area

Swift offers ways to create content to be able to share everywhere you need to.

This is the part that fits perfectly with my exclusive PDF System

As you can see they have everything you need in here to make all sorts of things you can use…

If you want an even more in-depth look at what it can create you should watch the video below…

Swift and PDF System Summary

In summary, Swift gives you everything you need to create content that you can then use with my PDF System to get $100 to $1000’s weekly with very little work.

It’s been created with Newbies in mind, as has my PDF system, but anyone can leverage it to save time and make money and there are Zero Tech Skills needed to make it all work.

​Enter ANY link you like & the software will do the rest…

Get your copy from me and get the PDF System completely free…

How Much Is Swift Going To Cost Me?

Right now they have Swift at a special launch price but they are only holding this for a short time only.

The price starts at just $17 but it could be more now…

To get the best possible deal you need to get in as early as possible.

Why Should You Get Swift Through Me?

I’ve shown you how well this type of thing can work, and I have shared how over time I have perfected a system to make it work VERY well.

Well, if you get Swift through me today I will be sharing that very system with you.

Yes, you get full access to how I make money using these methods, nothing left out.

All you need to do is grab a copy from me today using a link or button on this page and I will deliver it to you immediately.


You can’t get this anywhere else…

To get your copy the EXCLUSIVE PDF SYSTEM just get Swift from this page (just $17 if you get in fast) and it will be delivered to you automatically.

Thanks for reading!

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