Aura… Does It Live Up To The Hype? My Real and In-Depth Aura Review Finds Out…

A Real and In-Depth Aura Review

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021

In my latest review, I am showing you Aura, a brand new addition to the make money online world.

I’ve been through all of the training and taken it for a test drive so that I can tell you what I think and show you inside the software.

Make sure you read all of my review to get the most in-depth view of this product.

And read all the way to the end to see the MASSIVE package I am offering that no one else is…

By the time you finish reading this in-depth Aura review, you will know for sure if this is for you and if you want results like these…

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021

What Is This Idea Behind Aura?

​Aura claims to be the World’s first 500 -In-1 Video Traffic Solution… but is it?

Aura claims to be able to deliver this in just 21 seconds…

Seems fast right?

So how can Aura get you traffic that fast?

Well, Aura lets you tap into over 500 different traffic sources from 1 single, easy to use portal…


  • Video Sites
  • Social Sites
  • Blogs & Forums
  • Messenger
  • Email
  • And so much more…

So I’m sure you can see that when you’re getting traffic from that many places (in just a few clicks)

Seeing results in a matter of seconds is really not that difficult to imagine.

But what else do you get when you get Aura…

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021

How Does Aura Work?

As I mentioned, the idea behind Aura is brand new, but how does Aura make this new idea make this easy for everyone?

All you need to do is get it, play with it and you will feel just how powerful & easy they’ve made it…

All your favourite traffic sources in 1 web-based dashboard…

So that means there is:

Nothing to download
Nothing to install
Nothing to mess up
Nothing to get wrong

It’s as simple as:

1. Logging in to the online software portal
2. Entering in any keyword
3. Selecting a done-for-you video & entering the link you want traffic sent to

And that’s all you have to do…

When you add the 500 traffic sources you can see that the potential here is massive.

Take advantage of this and you could be getting results very quickly…

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021

Inside The Aura Dashboard Area

The main dashboard is very well laid out and everything is easy to get to.

It gives you a lot of information on the campaigns you are running, but it is laid out really well so you don’t get confused.

Main Points To Know About Aura

  • Finally, Enjoy FREE BUYER Traffic…
  • Zero Tech Skills Needed…
  • 3-Figure A Day Tutorials Included…
  • Get Real Visitors That Buy…
  • Stop Wasting Your Precious Time…
  • Never-Before-Seen, Unique Software…
  • No SEO & No Video Creation…
  • The Longer You Wait The More You’ll Pay!
  • Act Now To Lock-In The 1-Time Price…

Aura Summary

In summary, Aura gives you a brand new, beginner-friendly software that gets you free buyer traffic in 21 seconds from 500 of the hottest online platforms all from 1 dashboard, in a single click.

It’s been created with Newbies in mind, but anyone can leverage it to make money and there are Zero Tech Skills needed to make it all work.

And don’t worry about not being able to work out how to use it, it really is simple to use, but if you do get stuck they have extensive training on all the different aspects of Aura.

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021

How Much Is Aura Going To Cost Me?

Right now they have Aura at a special launch price, they have knocked 5%0 off the usual price for a short time only.

The cart opens sharp at 11 am EST 8th May & the price starts at just $17…


The price will increase every 60 minutes and it won’t stop going up, so to get the best possible deal you need to get in as early as possible.

What If I Get It and Don’t Like Aura?

You really have nothing to lose trying Aura out, as they even have a crazy guarantee.

They are giving everyone 365 days (a whole YEAR) to try Aura out, so you really have nothing to risk here by trying it out.

Why Should You Get Aura Through Me?

To make the deal even sweeter I have decided to offer anyone reading this that purchases through me (any link or button on this page) the following exclusive extras.

Just grab your copy of Aura from me through this page and you will also get these:

Grab Aura Here For The Lowest Price Possible + My Exclusive Extras (detailed below)

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021


When you purchase Aura through me today I’ll also include the following complete products for you.

Matic – Real World Value $37

Slick – Real World Value $37

Flux – Real World Value $37

Plex – Real World Value $37

Hive – Real World Value $37

Xtreme – Real World Value $37

Krown – Real World Value $37

Orion – Real World Value $37

Alpha – Real World Value $37

BLOX – Real World Value $17

Hookum – Real World Value $19

$370.95 DAILY PROFIT BLOG TRICK – Real World Value $17

Black-Ops – Real World Value $67

ClickBank Hack 1 – Real World Value $17

Escape Plan V2 – Real World Value $67

Launch Grab – Real World Value $47

Niche Marketing Uni – Real World Value $197

Product Launch Uni – Real World Value $5000

Weird Niche Marketing – Real World Value $27

Guaranteed Results System – Real World Value $97

10 Minute Launch Jacking Trick – Real World Value $17

Instant Profit Silos – Real World Value $23

Commission Pirate – Real World Value $37

Commission Freebooter – Real World Value $37

9 Min Comm – Real World Value $37

Instant Tube Raider – Real World Value $37

eCompare – Real World Value $27

2 Hour Product Creation Formula – Real World Value $17

Vsource – Real World Value $97

LA2: The Lazy Affiliate – Real World Value $27

Pimpr – Real World Value $7

NICHE X – Real World Value $17

Niche: Rank & Profit System – Real World Value $17

The Forced Ranking Method – Real World Value $27

Niche Marketing – Embarrassing Niches – Real World Value $17

Free Traffic… The Parasite Effect – Real World Value $17

The Awakening – Real World Value $17

Animatio: Reseller Edition – Real World Value $67

iistores – Real World Value $67

Vidskippy 2.0 – Real World Value $67

Flippme – Real World Value $17

WP UltraPop: (Reseller Rights) – Real World Value $67

Zapdeals – Real World Value $47

Now THAT is an offer that can’t be beaten… I wanted to make this one SPECIAL!

To get ALL of the above just get your copy of Aura from this page (just $17 if you get in fast) and everything listed above will be delivered to you automatically.

Live @ 11 am EST 8th May 2021

Get everything on this page when you purchase Aura through me (any link or button on this page)

Thanks for reading my review of Aura and enjoy your copy and extras!

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