A Look Inside Clikitz – What I found out… [Review]

A Look Inside Clikitz

In this review I am going to tell you about the latest launch I have gone through, called Clikitz

As usual I will cover all of the product so that you can make up your mind whether this one is for you.

So, read on for the full low-down and make sure to read to the end for my exclusive extras

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What Is Clikitz?

Clikitz is a totally new for 2020 and claims to be a push-button app that takes less than 30 seconds to setup and activate.

This isn’t far from the truth, it is very quick and simple to set up… I’ll tell you how later in this review.

Once you have Clikitz set up it gets you free traffic, no big deal as many apps do this right now, but this is where it becomes VERY different to the norm…

Clikitz creates a special link, and every time someone clicks this link you get paid!

And I don’t mean that you have to get someone to click and then buy something…. you just need them to click… that’s it…. and you get paid.

How Did They Come Up With The Idea Behind Clikitz?

The story behind this app is pretty interesting one.

They actually started the process as an app to make free traffic, and it worked pretty well, so they gave it out to some people to test.

One of their beta testers didn’t follow the instructions exactly how they had been told to though… naughty, naughty…

But something very strange happened.

Even thought they were using the software app a little differently then instructed it had a positive effect on what the app did…

Now, instead of just making free traffic, the beta tester was making MONEY for EVERY CLICK they got!

No selling needed – they got someone to click (just click) and they got paid…

In the first day they had made $136 and the more they used the app the more money kept on coming in…

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What Is So Different About Clikitz?

After this ‘happy accident’ they changed the entire focal point of the software app to take advantage of this new finding…

Because of this change of direction Clikitz is different to any other app I have seen.

I can see how anyone could use this to make income like this:

And the best part is it is newbie-friendly and 100% ‘done for you’ plus you don’t need any technical skills or prior experience to make it work.

It is very quick to set up, it took me less than a minute to get setup and activate the app, and it has all these features too:

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How Much Work Does It Take To Make Money With Clikitz?

I said it was simple and fast, right?

Well, I wasn’t joking… there are only 3 steps involved…

Login to the Clikitz Cloud-Based App from absolutely anywhere with an internet connection.

Activate the app and get the FREE traffic flowing (Very simple and just takes 30 seconds to get up and running)

Start getting paid for every time someone clicks on the link Clikitz creates. Absolutely NO selling required – You just get paid every time someone clicks.

That really is it.

Anyone can do this… and should!

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Take a Look at Clikitz In Action

Clikitz Summary

So, as you can tell, I like Clikitz and can’t see any reason why everyone shouldn’t use it to make very easy money.

Clikitz doesn’t require any technical skills, and you don’t need a website, an email list, or paid traffic to make money from it, so the entry level is very low.

The speed of it is amazing and you can be up-and-running and ready to make money in just 30 seconds.

Remember, there is ZERO selling required – You simply get PAID every time someone clicks their mouse on your special link.


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Is Clikitz Value For Money?

They were going to release Clikitz as a monthly subscription ($197 per month), but they’ve waived the monthly fee and slashed the price so you can get in on this for a low, one-time investment while it is on this launch period.

Not only that but you get access to over $2,491 in bonuses for FREE when you get Clikitz now PLUS my own exclusive bonuses that I mention below.

You do have to act quickly though as all of these bonuses will put even more money in your pocket, but you need to get Clikitz today to lock them in.

Is There a Refund Policy With Clikitz?

Yes there is.

They are so certain you will use this and see the power that they are giving you a no risk 100 day money back guarantee…

But once you use this I can assure you that you won’t want to!

Why Should You Get Clikitz Through Me?

I think that Clikitz is a solid investment and you can use it to make money online just like they are.

But, I also know that there will be a lot of people telling you how good this is…

So, if you get Clikitz through me (any button or link on this page) then on top of the bonuses mentioned above, you will also get the following exclusive extras, totally free of charge…

But only if you get it through me from this page today.

And remember, the price on this is going up every 60 minutes from launch so the faster you get it the better the deal you get.


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All you need to do is apply for them following the instructions inside this exclusive extra and you will be making extra income in no time.

No-one else can offer this, it is 100% exclusive to you, my readers.

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The one thing nobody tells you when they sell you a product or system is this…
If you’re a newbie, if you’re just getting started online and don’t have a track record or sales history, well then you will find it very difficult to get approved… I.e. you won’t be able to collect your link or make any money.

So while this might just be the best product for you right now… you will still need to get approval before you can collect your link.

When you buy Clikitz through me today I’ll give you a secret code which guarantees approval to some of the best selling products in the marketplace… Simply use the code I give you and you get 100% guaranteed approval.

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Thanks for reading my review of CliKitz and enjoy your copy and extras!



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