Fusedd Review – Scam or Money Maker? The truth…

The Truth About Fusedd – A Complete and Honest Review


In this review I’m going to take a look at Fusedd, and yes, you may notice that this is a product I am involved with.

But that doesn’t mean I am going to pull any punches with my look at what it does.

Because I still think it is important to give you the good and the bad so you can make up your own mind on it.

But first, take a look at Fusedd in action

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Live at 11am EST on September 16th 2020

This is an honest review of Fusedd, and the fact that I am involved in this product does NOT mean I am pulling any punches.

You definitely need to read this before you spend your hard earned cash on the software.

In this review you will discover the good, bad and ugly of Fusedd.

And you’ll discover if the software will really enable you to set up campaigns that generate revenue in just 3 steps…

What Is Fusedd?

Fusedd is an automated marketing software tool. The software enables you to set up marketing campaigns in just 3 steps:

  1. Selecting a product
  2. Creating a category (bridge page)
  3. Traffic Generation (paid traffic)

Specifically, Fusedd focuses on offers that generate a commission without having to make a sale.

You promote offers that pay you for sending prospects that perform an ‘action’ rather than having to make a purchase.

That action could be entering an email address for a ‘free trial’ of something or entering their ‘address’ for a free sample. Anything like that.

This is important because when you don’t have to make sales, it makes conversions much easier…

Fusedd then sets up ‘done for you’ category bridge pages (where you drive traffic to) and ‘done for you’ ads; using one of the top paid traffic sources that i’ll not reveal at this stage as it would be unfair to those that get Fusedd.

Both the ‘done for you’ pages and ‘done for you’ ads really are superb.

They are generated instantly and are super high quality.

Honestly, when it comes to setting up campaigns, Fusedd will save you a ton of time…

When everything is switched on and your paid ads are setup, your promotional campaign is up and running.

This can all be done very quickly!

Is Fusedd a scam?

Fusedd is not a scam.

Myself, and the other developers behind Fusedd are all seasoned marketers with a track record of success in affiliate marketing, CPA and developing some of the best automated marketing tools…

Fusedd does deliver what it promises.

In fact, considering it’s an automation tool (which can sometimes be hit and miss) the ‘done for you’ elements of Fusedd, such as the one click category pages are actually really high quality.

The ads the software generates are also really good too.

Being honest, the tool is the real deal.

How much money can you make with Fusedd?

How long is a piece of string?

What I’m getting at here is there is no set answer.

The more offers you promote, the more campaigns you have up and running, the more you spend on traffic (or use my exclusive traffic methods – see below), the more you will make….

The standard version of Fusedd enables you to create 10 campaigns per month, which is more than enough to make regular commissions (and build your list, which is a secondary benefit).

So you can realistically expect to make $10-$50 per day pretty quickly.

The $100+ days will come in time, when you have more campaigns up and running…

The Good

The software itself automates each step of setting up CPA Affiliate Marketing campaigns.

Frankly, it does each step extremely quickly and extremely well.

And being based on CPA, it means you don’t have to make sales to make money; which is extremely useful in the current economic climate.

Of course, you still need to do a bit of work (for example, you need to actually select the product you’re promoting but I help with all the niche selection in my exclusive extras – see below) and you’ll need to do the basics like sign up to the CPA Network (we show you how to get approved) and send the traffic (again, I have some exclusive extras for this too ;)).

Don’t worry about any of it though, this is all super easy and full training is provided.

And the main thing is that all of the technical work, i.e. category page creation, is automated by the software.

You click the mouse and it does it all for you.

This means you can have commission based marketing campaigns set up and making money extremely quickly.

It takes just minutes after you’ve set everything up to get started.

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The Bad

I’ve tried to find a ‘bad’ to make this review balanced but being honest, it’s a really good software for people looking to get into affiliate marketing.

If I was being super critical, I’d say the 10 campaign per month limit on the standard version of Fusedd is going to limit the earning capability for those looking to make the BIG BUCKS…

You’re probably going to start with $10-$50 per day with this and have to work your way up to $100+ over several months…

That said, it will be ideal for most people that want a regular extra income.

If you do want to jump straight into that $100+ per day territory, you will probably need to upgrade after purchase…

BUT other than that, there’s little to report in terms of negatives.

The software does what it says on the tin and works.

I’ve got the commission to prove it.

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In Summary…

Fusedd is a fantastic marketing software that works.

I’d go as far as to say that this is the best work I have been involved in creating to date.

If you’re looking for a fast track for your cpa marketing success, look no further.

The price is really affordable right now, so I suggest you click the link below and take a look for yourself.

We will soon be charging a monthly subscription for this, but right now you can get lifetime access for a single low price

It comes with a full money back guarantee, so there is no risk in taking the software for a test drive.

And to make it an even sweeter deal I have piled on the extras, which are listed below.

>> Click here to check out Fusedd, the 3 step commission generating marketing system…

Use this link to buy Fusedd through me (so you get the bonuses listed below)

Live at 11am EST on September 16th 2020


Extra #1

Guaranteed Results in 7 Days

With this exclusive you will be given my fool proof plan on how you can get income results working online in just 7 days.

This can be used in addition to what Fusedd can do, in the time that Fusedd saves you, meaning you have multiple streams of income.

Extra #2

Fast Profit Niche Finder

Fusedd is all about making money with easy to set up campaigns.

And it has ways to find the offers you need, but even so, you need to know what niches to look into for the best results.

With this exclusive bonus I show you exactly how I find the niches that give me the fastest profits possible.

Now you can tap into the very same niches with Fusedd and Profit in super quick time…

Extra #3

Zero Competition Niche Training

This exclusive extra will show you how I find potential niches to move into… that have ZERO competition.

With no competition niches combined with the power of Fusedd you will be unstoppable…

Extra #4

Tap Into 1 BILLION Daily Views

Fusedd has traffic training of it’s own… but you can never have too many eyeballs on your offers.

The more people that get to see your Fusedd campaigns the more sales you will make.

With this exclusive extra I will show you how to tap into 1 Billion Daily Views for maximum exposure

Extra #5

Social Traffic Masterclass

Continuing with the extra traffic training I have included this Social Traffic Masterclass.

Combine the methods in this guide with Fusedd and you will get massive results and I’m sharing this with you in this exclusive extra

Extra #6

Lazy Parasite Traffic

In this exclusive extra I will talk to you about different traffic methods, including the number one lazy, and free, method that brought in 422 sales…

Extra #7


Profit From Affiliate Offers Without Ever Promoting Them

These 4 ‘Secret Tweaks’ Enable Anyone to Make Money From ANY Affiliate Product… Without EVER Promoting It
E.G. $633.60 Affiliate Commission In 15 Hours While NOT Promoting The Affiliate Offer

The following system is unique & 100% genuine. Developed by me, and used by me personally since November 2017. All Income can be verified.

Extra #8


$88.03 In 8 Minutes: 52 Seconds… From Other Peoples Videos.

New Ground-Breaking Software Legally Steals Other Peoples Traffic…

While Simultaneously Creating Commission Sucking Affiliate Sites from Other Peoples Content…In Minutes!

Extra 9

VSkippy 2.0

Newbie-Friendly: Cloud Based Software Legally Hijacks Other Peoples Videos & Websites to…

Sell Anything In Minutes


Extra #10


Can you spare 5 Minutes to make and Extra $150?

You’re About to Discover the 5 Minute: Copy ‘n’ Paste Trick That Makes it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make Money Online by this time tomorrow…

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Extra #11


Are You Still Struggling To Make Easy Passive Income Online?

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Extra #12

WP UltraPop

Revolutionary New Software Banks 4-figures/mo

For You On Complete Autopilot

By Turning Your Website Visitors Into Affiliate Commissions, Email Leads and Product Sales

Extra #13

Smart Commenter

Automatically adds Facebook comment box to your wordpress posts

Benefit – Easily analyse your audience from your blog comments viewing their facebook profiles

Extra #14


Our exclusive SociQuik plugin will make your traffic driving process much simpler.

Just display social share boxes on your each posts.

Sharing your posts and driving traffic to social media will never be that hard anymore.

Extra #15


With AzonSource you can turn Amazon listings into WP posts…. with your affiliate link embedded…

Extra #16

WP FaceBook Quiz Creator

With WP FaceBook Quiz Creator, you can easily create fun, entertaining FaceBook quizzes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

By using this useful and effective plugin, you’re giving your visitors the chance to challenge themselves by solving quizzes that will keep them entertained (so this way they will spend more time in your site.)

You can also use it to grow your traffic using a series of trivia quizzes with topics related to your business/website.

Extra #17

Viral Source Review Pack

Make Money Online as an Affiliate Promoting Viral Source Product!

If you are doing business online, you would know how important list building is…for the simple fact that by having an email list to market to as an affiliate is one of the fastest ways of making online profits.

But trying to get subscribers is becoming a challenge nowadays. The most trusted method of offering a free gift on a squeeze page is getting ineffective. Conversion rates are down.

And even if you get them on-board, the open rates of emails are so low. You get so little reward with so much work put in. Then Viral Source came along…..

Viral Traffic is a software builds your list without using the traditional squeeze pages. This tool uses the power of social media and Facebook notification as the push factor to send messages to the subscribers.

It is a fact that the open rate of Facebook notification is way higher than emails….so your message gets seen by more subscribers than if you were to use email.

The first thing that impresses me when few tested driving this tool is that it was so easy to use. Though the process looks complicated, the dashboard of the tool makes it easy for you to prepare your campaign.

Extra #18

WP In-Content Popup Pro

WP In-Content Popup Pro is a new plugin that lets you create attention grabbing popups within your content.

You can trigger in-content video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.

Additionally, you can add a secondary content popup that can contain optin forms, buy buttons, or social sharing icons.

This will help boost your traffic, sales and email lists.

This is an “in-content” trigger tool so you have the ability to choose the timing when the popup shows up.

This way, you’ll capture the attention of your traffic at exactly the moment it matters the most.

Extra #19

WP Video Focus

WP Video Focus is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page.
This allows your videos to visibly continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.

This will help to keep your viewers engaged throughout your entire video while they are exploring the content/other parts of your page so you will never lose the engagement & attention of your viewers that often results in loss of leads and sales.

The plugin will also allow you to position your videos anywhere you want and customize it to make it relevant with your website/webpage design or branding.

There are MANY more amazing features such as countdown-timer, share button and animation/ effect that will help your page get sky-high conversions and engagement.

Extra #20


Spyye is a spy tool that can spy on the most profitable/trending niches/ads across various popular platforms…


All of these are totally FREE when you get hold of Fusedd through any link or button on this page

So… should you buy Fusedd?

Well that really does have to be your decision and I won’t be trying to twist your arm. But if you are all set to get it… then make sure you get it through me to get all of the extra additions above.


Use this link to buy Fusedd through me (so you get the bonuses listed above)

Live at 11am EST on September 16th 2020


This MASSIVE Bonus pack (above) is delivered instantly when you purchase Fusedd through my link.




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