Beast Funnels Review – These 2 Tweaks Improve Beast Funnels

Real Beast Funnels Review

Thanks for taking the time to read my Beast Funnels review over the countless 100’s of others out there… yeah this is one very HOT product!

Fake & Pretend Beast Funnel Reviews are everywhere… Do yourself a favour and watch/read a real one.

  • In this Beast Funnels Review I explain how this system works from start to finish.
  • I show you inside every part of the product and explain what each part does.
  • You get to see exactly what you get before you buy this.
  • I explain why I think this has an amazing potential to make money and get leads (due to the viral aspect)
  • Plus… I show you the problems.

The 2 Ways to Make Beast Funnels Work Better

  • Note: I found 2 little tweaks to make Beast Funnels work better, which are explained in this review. These little tweaks could have a massive impact on your results when you use them with Beast Funnels, and I explain why below.

Beast Funnels… So what’s all the fuss about?

Beast Funnels is basically a quick and easy way to create funnels to promote products and to get leads.

It does all this with a very simple ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ system that requires zero skill or experience to set up.

Once this is done (see below) you have a fully functioning funnel that would normally take hours to create (and that’s when you know how to)

But that isn’t all…

It has a VERY clever viral referral system built into it, so you get more leads and more commissions just from giving away a copy of the same site you are using…

Let me show you inside, it will make more sense…

The Member’s Area



The members area is nicely laid out and very easy to follow.

On the left hand side you have access to the funnels, your leads, and a tutorial on how to use the system.

You also have access to other options such as Unlimited Traffic and DFY Items, but these are upgrades so I am going to only cover what you get with your initial purchase to make it fair to those that don’t get these.

I would recommend getting any of these you can though, the system works without them, but some extra help to really scale this can’t be sniffed at.

The system is so easy to set up that they only need the one video tutorial to show you how to use it…


Beast Funnels Walkthrough


The actual process of making a funnel is that simple that the tutorial video pretty much covers the viral part of the referral system built in (I’ll cover that in a minute – it’s genius)

So, the process goes like this:

  • Choose a style for your Beast Funnel and name it
  • Put in your offer URL – this is whatever you want people to see after they sign up (and also where I found one of the issues I fix below)
  • How many subs before referral can change the link…

Now, this is where it gets clever…

When someone signs up they get their own version of the Beast Funnel to share out to others…


They can’t change what offer is shown to anyone signing up until they reach the number of referrals you state in here.

Which means that not only do you get to show your OWN OFFER to their referrals for x amount of times…

But you ALSO get all of the leads they get too – which means you build your list in super quick time…

If you are like me a visual helps – check this out…

Clever right?

Ok, once you have that in place you then just need to add:

  • Your Name
  • Your photo, or use one of the stock photos built in
  • Push notification Script – this is where you can collect even more leads by using push notifications
  • Manychat Script – this is where you can get people onto your messenger list
  • Autoresponder – collect the leads that sign up – either to your usual autoresponder or let Beast Funnels collect them and export them when you are ready (so no need for extra spend if you don’t want to)

And that’s it…

This literally takes minutes to do and once you fill all of that in you have a fully functioning Beast Funnel to put out in front of people – which is where the second issue came up but I’ve got that covered too 😉


People sign up using this and get sent to your offer… but they also get their very own site to send out and get leads from (which you also get)

The potential for this is MASSIVE – can you tell I’m excited to try it out myself? lol

Value for Money?

At around $18 BEAST FUNNELS is great value. I know people have their own opinion of value and how many shiny bits and pieces they expect for each dollar they spend, but for me a quick and to the point tutorial and an easy to use system is much better than a million moving parts that confuse you!



Available from 9am EST  Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Everything is included – Beast Funnels is simple, easy to understand, implement and suitable for all (even complete newbies). But i did find 2 little tweaks which will ensure you get more people engaging and most importantly – BUYING from you!

The Problems With Beast Funnels

Beast Funnels is something I am very happy to be recommending, but there are still a couple of issues which you need to fix in order to start generating profit as well as traffic from this system (see below)

Beast Funnels Review Summary

I can give you my opinion, and it is… just my opinion, but Beast Funnels is very good. The training is simple, but the concept is very clever – and this is a complete system, everything is included that you need to make this work, although some of the add-ons are well worth taking a look at (but you don’t need them).

The method itself is super simple to put in place, but what it does to get you more leads and commissions is next level stuff, without you needing to know how it all works!

Use The 2 Beast Funnels Tweaks For Bigger & Faster Results

Beast Funnels goes on sale at 9am EST…
And… If you are eager to get started with BEAST FUNNELS, you’ll need these


Unique Bonus #1. Simple Tweak for More Targeted Buyers…

Very few people actually use this little tweak which is perhaps why it works so well. So before you consider purchasing Beast Funnels, ask yourself what you are going to sell, and how you are going to sell it. This is important for all buyers (not just Newbies). Plug one of Beast Funnels problems with this little Fix.

You get instant access to this unique bonus when you purchase Beast Funnels through me (this is exclusive to me – you can’t get this anywhere else).

Available at 9am EST TODAY


Unique Bonus #2. The SECRET Code

Are you a newbie? There is a PROBLEM. If you don’t have stats, profile and a good track record it’s going to be very difficult to get approved to promote products using the Beast Funnels system.
Buy Beast Funnels today through my link and I’ll send you a Secret Code which Guarantees approval (no questions asked) on multiple best selling products.


You get instant access to this unique bonus when you purchase Beast Funnels through me (this is exclusive to me – you can’t get this anywhere else).


Make Beast Funnels Work Better 

These two little tweaks will make Beast Funnels even more powerful. Get them both today ‘Instantly’ when you purchase Beast Funnels though me today

Available at 9am EST TODAY


When you purchase Beast Funnels through me today… I’ll also include the following methods as a bonus (you don’t have to buy anything else)… and remember Beast Funnels costs around $18 if you purchase today.




Available at 9am EST TODAY



Available at 9am EST TODAY

Recap: You get everything on this page INSTANTLY when you purchase BEAST FUNNELS through me (any button on this page)



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