CAPTURE Review – These 2 Tweaks Make CAPTURE Easier

Real Capture Review

Thanks for taking the time to read my CAPTURE review over the countless 100’s of others out there… yeah this is one very HOT product!

Why is CAPTURE so popular?

Simple really, Capture is one of those methods which only comes around every now and then.

  • It’s something I know works – done differently (I don’t think this has been put out there quite like this before).
  • It’s EASY to do… It will take you no time to set up and results are FAST.
  • It only costs $15… And you get a tonne of value for this small price.
  • Newbie friendly… I know virtually every product has ‘Newbie Friendly’ attached… in this case it’s 100% true as they teach you every step.

The 2 problems I found with the Capture method

  • Note: I found 2 small issues in Capture. These little issues may impact you if you are a newbie… I.E. just getting started online (or trying to make money as an affiliate)
  • Solution: I have a solution to both issues (see further down this review)

Check out the sales video to get an idea of how this works.




The Capture System

Cart Opens at 11am EST TODAY

CAPTURE is a system which will allow you to use a super simple setup to build a subscribers list simultaneously on 2 powerful platforms from just a single subscribe.

The system includes a DFY opt in page generator and 3 funnels to give away for free, meaning you can make instant affiliate commissions.

It is so simple that it works in 60 seconds or less, really!

But there are a couple of issues I found, but don’t panic, I have the fix for those as part of my extras…

The Member’s Area


The members area consists of 13 videos as you can see from the screen shot above… and it covers every part of the system and provides all the tools and assets needed to do this with no issues.

Value for Money?

At around $15 Capture is great value (I’ve watched every video in the members area). I know people have their own opinion of value and how many shiny bits and pieces they expect for each dollar they spend, but for me a quick and to the point method that I can go through and fully understand in a short space of time is always best.

Add to that all the extra assets they provide (email swipes, dfy funnels, welcome messages etc) so you don’t have to think about making them yourself, and I feel this is fantastic value.

Case Studies

Something else I really like is the inclusion of 2 case studies.

I find these to be very helpful, especially for newbies, when it comes to understanding how the process works.

In fact, quite often you will see a product launched that is JUST a case study, they are that helpful.

Having these on top of all the training and help in here is a real step above and beyond for giving you value.

Problems with Capture

Problem 1 – Although this is a very good product, and I know this works well, there is the small issue that you may have, especially if you are just starting out.

Capture will build some great lists, but obviously you then need to have things to promote to that list to make money.

But I have solved that with my first unique bonus below….

Problem 2 – You need to have something that makes people want to get on your list in the first place.

And, although they provide some DFY funnels and some great add-ins you might want to venture into another niche, or already have an idea of the type of list you want to build.

Well, luckily I have a quick solution to this problem which is suitable for anyone who has the ability to write a word doc (or open office etc), and I give it you with my second unique bonus below.

Capture Review Summary

I can give you my opinion, and it is… just my opinion, but Capture is very good. The training and steps are second to none, very clear, easy to understand and follow.
The method itself is very solid, Easy to apply, and it will start to generate results very quickly.
Plus… they give you so much in this for the tiny $15 price tag that the value is incredible.

Cart Opens at 11am EST Today

Capture goes on sale at 11am EST June 24th…
And… If you are eager to get started with Capture, you’ll need these


Unique Bonus #1. The SECRET CODE…

This is especially useful for people just getting started online. If you don’t have stats, profile and a good track record it’s going to be very difficult to get approved to promote products using the Capture system.
Buy Capture today through my link and I’ll send you a Secret Code which Guarantees approval (no questions asked) on multiple best selling products.

Cart Opens at 11am EST Today


Unique Bonus #2. PDF Solution…

The best way to get someone on your list is give them something they want in exchange for their email…

Through a LOT of trial and error I have found the secret to getting this right every time…

And with this bonus I share that with you, saving you a ton of time and effort.


Copy and Paste Easy:

If you can type, copy and paste you can make these in minutes. They’re like little pre-sell magnets and you never have to build a web-page.

Get the full method as well as THE SECRET CODE today when you purchase Capture through me.

Cart Opens at 11am EST Today


When you purchase Capture through me within the first 3 hours (on sale at 11am US Eastern Today)… I’ll also include the following 3 methods as a bonus (you don’t have to buy anything else)… and remember Capture costs just $15 if you purchase within the next 3 hours.

Note: the following 3 methods are not specific to Capture, but they are perfect for anyone looking for simple and effective ways of making money online without a steep learning curve or cost…

Cart Opens at 11am EST Today

Get everything on this page when you purchase Capture through me (any button on this page)



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