AURORA2 Review – These 2 Tweaks Improve Aurora

Real AURORA 2.0 Review

Thanks for taking the time to read my AURORA 2.0 review over the countless 100’s of others out there… yeah this is one very HOT product!

*Full Walk-Through Video Review Below*


Fake & Pretend AURORA Reviews are everywhere… Do yourself a favour and watch/read a real one.

  • In this AURORA Review I explain the whole system from start to finish.
  • I take you inside the members area and explain what each video includes
  • I show you each part of the training
  • I explain the 2 traffic sources
  • And I show you the software which comes included with AURORA 2.0
  • Plus… I show you some of my results.

The 2 Ways to Make AURORA 2.0 Work Better

  • Note: I found 2 little tweaks to make AURORA work better, which are explained in the video. These little tweaks could have a massive impact on your results when you use them with AURORA see video for details.


Wanna see inside the training and find out what it is and how it works?
Watch my Real AURORA Review

AURORA… So what’s all the fuss about?

Essentially AURORA is a self-contained High Ticket affiliate system – suitable for Newbies to use from day 1

Self-contained because.
AURORA contains a complete business model including the full system, full Step-by-Step training, 2 traffic sources (both are free, Instant & don’t include FB)… On top of this you also get an evergreen webinar to use, guaranteed affiliate approval, you get software that drives the traffic from the 2 sources on autopilot, plus the webinar pages (unique to you, but they host it for you).

The Member’s Area

REAL Aurora Review


The members area consists of 8 videos as you can see from the screen shot above… the main training really begins in video number 2.

Value for Money?

At around $17 AURORA is great value (I’ve watched every video in the members area). I know people have their own opinion of value and how many shiny bits and pieces they expect for each dollar they spend, but for me a quick and to the point method that I can go through and fully understand in an hour is always best.


You Make $997 Per Sale

AURORA is all about selling high ticket products.

I.E. products which cost $997 – $1997, and when you sell one of these products you get between $497 & $997 each time.
And it works… I actually do this myself, in the video you can see that in the last 23 days I have already made nearly $9,000 selling High Ticket Products.

Sure I can almost hear you say… Well it’s easy for you because your established and have big email lists which is true. But the point here is, with AURORA

• You don’t need a list
• You don’t need a Profile
• You don’t need Additional investment
• You don’t need additional software or any elements outside of what you get with AURORA


Video 2 –

Outline… you need to start at this point in order for the process to work i.e. this video outlines the whole system from start to finish so you know exactly how everything works.

Video length: 9 Minutes 21 seconds

Video 3 –

D-F-Y Webinar… In this video you are shown how to build your webinar page. The cool thing here is you can build it on their platform, no need to buy domains or build pages and have websites. You simply add the video they give you, add a headline, add your affiliate link and then save the page. Once saved you have your own webinar page with your link embedded.

The webinar comes as an MP4 file which is all ready to go, just drag it to the video box on the simple page builder. You get the MP4 video file from the link under the video, plus you get guaranteed approval to promote… commission from this one high ticket product is $997 I believe (but don’t quote me on that)… definitely in the late 100s anyway.

Video length: 12 Minutes 28 seconds

Available Now

Video 4 –

Where to find More Evergreen Webinars
AURORA includes one fully formatted and ready to go webinar selling a $1997 product (you get 50% I believe). But in this video you are shown where to find more evergreen webinar based high ticket products all of which have instant approval and a high ticket value.

Video length: 7 Minutes 57 seconds

Video 5 –

Free Traffic Source #1

This video details how to set up AURORA traffic source number 1. Both traffic sources are massive and free. The software included in the FE package drives traffic from each platform to you webinar page without additional work or cost… you simply set the software up once (takes minutes) then it runs until you stop it, there is nothing else for you to do.

Video length: 16 Minutes 2 seconds


Available Now

Video 6 –

Free Traffic Source #2

Much like the last video but this one cover setting up AURORA for the second free traffic source (software included)

Video length: 13 Minutes 23 seconds


Video 7 – 8

Maximising Traffic & Conclusion

These two video pull everything together, show you how to maximise the free traffic from both platforms and conclude the training. I may have missed some pieces of the puzzle but you’ll see more if you watch the video AURORA review (above)


Like I said everything is included – AURORA is self-contained and suitable for all (even complete newbies). But i did find 2 little tweaks which will ensure you get more people watching your auto webinars and ultimately buy more through you.

Problems with AURORA

Actually there aren’t any problems, in fact this is one of the best systems i have seen in a while, as I write that I can’t help remembering that i said that about Stealthd (also by Jono and also exceptional)… but I’d have to say that AURORA is actually better than Stealthd…. and you stand to make a whole lot more money with this high ticket system.

As well as the many other systems I use to make money online, selling High Ticket products is there too… in fact it is one of my current favourite business models, and one that i will focusing on more and more in future simply because just a handful of sales can make me this kind of money! (see below)


Remember you might think… it’s easy for this guy to make all that money from selling high ticket because he has big email lists… and thats true. But the point of AURORA is to enable anyone to do the same without needing a list, profile or additional investment.

AURORA Review Summary

I can give you my opinion, and it is… just my opinion, but AURORA is very good. The training and steps are second to none, very clear, easy to understand and follow. its a complete system including all element – System, Training, Traffic, even the software needed.
The method itself is brilliant, it’s unique, Easy to apply, and it will start to generate results after around 24 hrs

Plus… No learning curve… I watched everything in just over an hour.
And lastly… you can start with zero additional investment (of course you will have to buy the package which will cost you $17)

Use The 2 AURORA Tweaks For Bigger & Faster Results

AURORA goes on sale Tuesday April 7th
And… If you are eager to get started with AURORA 2.0, you’ll need these


Unique Bonus #1. Simple Tweak for More Targeted Buyers…

There are two traffic sources built into AURORA 2.0, while both are exceptional and combined with the included software will work, however not everyone is going to click your link which means you could lose a lot of potential buyers. However with this little tweak you can ensure more people click by giving these away, once they open you will get more and more people visiting you webinar page, which means more and more buyers.

You get instant access to this unique bonus when you purchase AURORA through me (this is exclusive to me – you can’t get this anywhere else).

Available Now


Unique Bonus #2. BING: FREE Traffic Hack

The more traffic you have, the more buyers you’ll get… Yes there are two free traffic systems built into Aurora. But you can never have enough traffic, so here’s another Free Traffic Hack you can plug into AURORA 2.0.

You get instant access to this unique bonus when you purchase AURORA through me (this is exclusive to me – you can’t get this anywhere else).


Make AURORA 2.0 Work Better 

These two little tweaks will make AURORA even more powerful. Get them both today ‘Instantly’ when you purchase AURORA though me today


When you purchase AURORA through me today… I’ll also include the following 3 methods as a bonus (you don’t have to buy anything else)… and remember AURORA 2.0 costs around $17 if you purchase today.

Note: the following 3 methods are not specific to AURORA, but they are perfect for anyone looking for simple and effective ways of making money online without a steep learning curve or cost…


Available Now

Available Now

Get everything on this page when you purchase AURORA 2.0 through me (any button on this page)



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