Underground Affiliate System Q & A

The Truth About: Underground Affiliate System Q & A

Underground Affiliate System Q & A

Yesterday I told you about Underground Affiliate (UAS) System and the questions started to roll in, so i thought i would take this opportunity to answer those questions.

Q. Can you tell me what UAS is without the hype?
A. In a nutshell UAS is a done for you affiliate system which means all you the user has to do is add your affiliate link into the software and share the auto generated page link on the provided traffic platforms.

Q. Does this only work on Clickbank?
A. No, most of the funnels are based around W+ / Zoo products. UAS have included a number of niche funnels which do use CB but you only choose the funnels and products you want to use. You do not have to use Clickbank or have a ClickBank account.

Q. If all the funnels are Done For You, won’t everyone be using the same pages?
A. Each funnel is fully formatted and linked together so you do not need to worry about the tech side of things. However each page has an editing screen so you can make each page look unique to you without messing up the code or structure of the funnel.

Q. Am I limited to the funnels included in UAS?
A. No although there are 12 months worth of fully formatted funnels included in UAS ready to use, you can easily add your own funnels.

Q. What are the hidden costs?
A. It’s true, all products come with upgrades which I know annoy some people, but you don’t need them. You see UAS contains 12 months worth of campaigns ready for you to use, which include DFY landing, pre-sell and thank you pages, 100+ ready made bonuses, hosting and multiple traffic platforms where you can paste your link. So there really is no need to opt for any upgrades.

Q. Will UAS definitely make me money?
A. UAS is a tool, the funnels have already been tested and tweaked (each funnel has already made in excess of 2000 dollars). But how you choose to use UAS is ultimately down to you.

For UAS to work for you, you will have to log-in to the online software – choose a funnel – add your link – choose the bonuses you want to use (there is 100+ included)… and then share your link on the multiple F.REE traffic platforms provided. If you can do that then UAS will work for you.

Q. Is there a monthly cost attached to; Underground Affiliate System?
A. No you only pay once… If you did upgrade (which is optional) there is a small monthly cost which is for the new funnels they add to your account each month… but like i said, you do not need to upgrade as there are 12 months worth of editable campaigns in the FE product which costs $37 at the moment (normally $297)

Q. What are the benefits of using UAS over other systems and tools?
A. UAS has everything built in (including hosting), everything is also ‘Done For You’ so all you have to do is paste in your link, generate your funnel and then take the link from the generated funnel and paste that onto the free traffic platforms provided in the traffic module (also included).

This means that UAS removes all additional costs and provides a complete affiliate system, this is (IMO) perfect for anyone just starting out and looking for a way to make money online.

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Do you have more questions relating to ‘Underground Affiliate System?’ If you do please reply / comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

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Don’t forget, post your UAS questions below in Reply / Comments and I will answer them for you.




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