Enigma Review – These 2 Tweaks Improve Enigma

Real Enigma Review

Thanks for taking the time to read my Enigma review over the countless 100’s of others out there… yeah this is one very HOT product!

*Full Walk-Through Enigma Video Review Below*


Fake & Pretend Enigma Reviews are everywhere… Do yourself a favour and watch/read a real one.

  • In this Enigma Review I explain the whole system from start to finish.
  • I take you inside the members area and explain what each video includes
  • I show you each part of the training
  • I explain the traffic sources & how to make money with the system
  • And I show you the software which comes included with Enigma
  • Plus… I show you the problems.

The 2 Ways to Make Enigma Work Better

  • Note: I found 2 little tweaks to make Enigma work better, which are explained in the video. These little tweaks could have a massive impact on your results when you use them with Enigma see video for details.


Wanna see inside the training and find out what it is and how it works?
Watch my Real Enigma Review

Enigma… So what’s all the fuss about?

Essentially Enigma is a loophole which enables anyone to exploit a Facebook glitch which gives you access to a 2.4 billion traffic source.

2.4 billion Free traffic source
Enigma contains a complete business model including the full system, full Step-by-Step training all built around this Facebook Glitch (currently being exploited by an affiliate in the betting / gambling niche)… On top of this you also get a software application that reduces the time required from around 2 hours per project down to around 2 minutes.

The Member’s Area – Video 1


The members area consists of 7 videos as you can see from the screen shot above… the main training really begins in video number 2.

Value for Money?

At around $13 ENIGMA is great value (I’ve watched every video in the members area). I know people have their own opinion of value and how many shiny bits and pieces they expect for each dollar they spend, but for me a quick and to the point method that I can go through and fully understand in an hour is always best.

Enigma Software

The software you get with Enigma doesn’t come with bells and whistles, but then using this system it doesn’t need them. There is nothing to learn, just drop in your keyword and then the software looks for the best sources and delivers them for you to use in minutes.


Works in Any Niche

Most products these days tend to focus on Make Money Online… but Facebook is home to virtually every niche you can think of so if you’re not into MMO, Launch Jacking, Typical Marketing systems you don’t need to worry, Enigma will work just as well for you?


Video 2 –

Outline… you need to start at this point in order for the process to work i.e. this video outlines the whole system from start to finish so you know exactly how everything works.

Video length: Under 4 Minutes

Enigma Review

Video 3 –

Set it Up… In this video you are shown how to put the Enigma system together… many of you will be pleased to know this is easy and only takes a few minutes. Set up starts with choosing your niche and setting up a very specific FB page (all elements to this are Free, so no additional cost).

Video length: Under 5 minutes

Enigma Members Area

Available Now

Module 2

Module 2 consists of 2 fairly short videos, the software and lastly one very full and detailed Case Study (see below)


Enigma Members Area

Enigma Case Study

The interesting point to note about the case study is the fact that it is made by somebody using the Enigma system and not by the vendors of this products. The guy making the case study video has actually used this loophole for some time without the Enigma software and shows proof and results he’s been able to achieve (all free traffic from FB using the same system taught in Enigma)

Video length: Under 9 minutes


Enigma Case Study

Available Now

Enigma Conclusion

This last video summarises the Enigma method so you can start quickly.


Like I said everything is included – Enigma is simple, easy to understand, implement and suitable for all (even complete newbies). But i did find 2 little tweaks which will ensure you get more people engaging and most importantly – BUYING from you!

The Problems With Enigma

Traffic is one element which holds most online entrepreneurs back, and Enigma solves that. But there are still a couple of issues which you need to fix in order to start generating profit as well as traffic from this system (see below)

Enigma Review Summary

I can give you my opinion, and it is… just my opinion, but Enigma is very good. The training and steps are second to none, very clear, easy to understand and follow. its a complete system including all element – System, Training, Traffic, even the software needed.
The method itself is simple, and Easy to apply, and it will start to generate results in the same day you implement.

Plus… No learning curve… I watched everything in under an hour.
And lastly… you can start with zero additional investment (of course you will have to buy the package which will cost you $13)

Use The 2 Enigma Tweaks For Bigger & Faster Results

AURORA goes on sale May 3rd…
And… If you are eager to get started with AURORA, you’ll need these


Unique Bonus #1. Simple Tweak for More Targeted Buyers…

Very few people actually use this little tweak which is perhaps why it works so well. So before you consider purchasing Enigma, ask yourself what you are going to sell, and how you are going to sell it. This is important for all buyers (not just Newbies). Plug one of Enigmas problems with this little Fix.

You get instant access to this unique bonus when you purchase Enigma through me (this is exclusive to me – you can’t get this anywhere else).

Available Now


Unique Bonus #2. The SECRET Code

Are you a newbie? There is a PROBLEM. If you don’t have stats, profile and a good track record it’s going to be very difficult to get approved to promote products using the Enigma system.
Buy Enigma today through my link and I’ll send you a Secret Code which Guarantees approval (no questions asked) on multiple best selling products.


You get instant access to this unique bonus when you purchase Enigma through me (this is exclusive to me – you can’t get this anywhere else).


Make Enigma Work Better 

These two little tweaks will make Enigma even more powerful. Get them both today ‘Instantly’ when you purchase Enigma though me today

Available Now


When you purchase Enigma through me today… I’ll also include the following methods ready to use with Enigma as a bonus (you don’t have to buy anything else)… and remember Enigma costs around $13 if you purchase today.


Available Now

Available Now

Recap: You get everything on this page INSTANTLY when you purchase ENIGMA through me (any button on this page)



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