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While the majority of would be marketers run round in circles trying to emulate what everyone else seems to be doing, a handful of ‘in the know’ marketers veer off in a totally different direction…. They know that doing what everyone else is doing is a mistake… if everyone does the same thing; then competition becomes an issue. Read this short report in conjunction with any Niche training or Niche Software… (see below for free access)

Desperate and Embarrassing Niches Explained

Desperate and embarrassing niches make money full stop and here’s why you should consider them…

Embarrassing Niche:

The best way I can describe a desperate niche is to talk a little about the kind of niches which I tend to work in and why, please excuse me if some of the following content comes across as being a little explicit.


I know… it’s a very Taboo subject, but just for a minute imagine you were unlucky enough to contract herpes:

Where would you look for a solution?

Straight away you can see that this is an embarrassing subject (niche). It’s the kind of niche which works very well on the internet.

Somebody who has herpes may not want to talk about the condition. They might feel intimidated if they were to visit their doctor or the pharmacy. So they are more inclined to search online for a solution which they can purchase anonymously.


So why did I give this example?

Quite simply because it is based on my own experience… You may or may not know that I’m the guy who taught hundreds of people how to dominate all kinds of weird niches inside my Niche Training portal called Niche Synergy… which I might add includes one of the biggest case studies ever rolled out in this industry.

$0 to $123,936 in 6 Months in just one Niche

That one case study took me from $0 to $123,936 in 6 Months in just one Niche…that niche was, yes you guessed it: Herpes.

And just to verify that what I said is actually correct go ahead and Google: Niche Synergy

You’ll find a younger me plastered all over page 1… and if you have the time, check out the comments in the Warrior Forum thread.

How to make money in Niche Markets


Please note: access is limited if it says closed… it means it’s closed to new members.


Hopefully that example has given you some ideas?

But that was not a One-Off deal… Nope, I did this over and over. I made so much money I dumped my day job and ended up having to pay almost $50,000 in income tax for my first year (most of which was attributed to part time online niche marketing)… yeah the big tax bill was not the highlight L

Desperate Niche:

A desperate condition could also be Herpes but it doesn’t have to be embarrassing, for example:

I’ve done well targeting a condition (niche) called hives (Urticaria). This is a desperate niche because many sufferers have a persistent condition called chronic hives (chronic urticaria). Chronic urticaria is also known as being Idiopathic (the reason for outbreaks is not known) and there is no clinical means of stopping outbreaks.

So although chronic urticaria is not a serious medical condition (and I would advise you to avoid such conditions) it is a very annoying condition which can stay with people for years and years, therefore they are desperate for a solution.

By the way I made $74,557 from the urticaria niche in 12 months

Desperate and Embarrassing Niches Explained


Please note: access is limited if it says closed… it means it’s closed to new members.


Where to Start?

Before you decide on what to promote ask yourself ‘would you feel comfortable walking into your local pharmacist or medical centre and asking for a solution’ or if that doesn’t apply ask the question ‘does an over the counter (or any other) solution exist?

Take hives / urticaria as an example. You can easily buy antihistamines to stop the itch and reduce the swelling but they will not stop outbreaks.

Deciding on what to promote, what an embarrassing niche is, comes with a little time and practice. I suggest you spend a little time assessing and researching your first project based on what I have just mentioned.

Examples (just a couple to give you an idea):



  • Hives
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Herpes


  • Herpes
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Anything the effects the more private areas of the male anatomy
  • Anything the effects the more private areas of the female anatomy
  • Hair loss


Which Category does this niche fit?

I’ll often tell people the same thing I’m telling you here, and in many cases they’ll come back to me and say, “oh all the niches are gone” or “too much competition” But the point is you can actually find a way of making a common and quite broad niche topic tick the right boxes…


E.G. which box does the Cold sores niche tick?

Answer: If you target your promotions correctly the get rid of cold sore niche can fit into both categories.


Plenty of people are embarrassed about having cold sores (for one its herpes). Although most people couldn’t care less there is a good percentage that would rather search for a solution online rather than visit their local pharmacy.


Imagine you have a social engagement in 3 days’ time… would you be desperate to get rid of that big ugly cold sore before then? A lot of people would! A job interview, meeting you partners parents for the first time, a long anticipated date, a night out with friends you haven’t seen in a while. When you apply certain circumstances Cold Sores or getting rid of cold sores; quickly turns into a desperate issue. And desperate issues and niches are everywhere if you just think outside the box a little bit.

The fact that I have mentioned targeting cold sores and hives (Urticaria) are used as examples because I have personally made a lot of money in those niches (as well as Herpes) but that does not mean I am telling you to go target these niches, take a look around there are 100s of them.


This post is an outline, an outline which you can shape into a blueprint which when applied will make you money consistently… and lots of it. And remember… many of these niches go pretty much unnoticed by the masses… but audiences, I.e. people looking for solutions are huge – it’s like tapping into a mountain of cash. Do it right, open the tap and the money keeps flowing.


Who Needs Full Niche Marketing Training?

Now I realise that right now after reading though this post you may be thinking… well, he told me quite a bit but I need the whole ‘Blueprint From Start to Finish’.

Do You Need a Complete Niche Marketing Blueprint?


So here’s what I’m going to do.

Today; I will be handing out a full access to the Whole of Niche Synergy which contains my whole niche formula from start to finish. There is nothing left out… and if Niche Marketing is your thing, or you think it might be then this is the only training platform you’ll ever need (ask anyone who has it).

Want Access to Niche Synergy?

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Please note: access is limited if it says closed… it means it’s closed to new members.


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