P1-3 Step Page 1 System-1156 dollars in hours (Plus TrafficX)

The following post may at first seem a little confusing as I’ll be talking about 2 products, however if you like the formula’s I detail in this post you’ll only need to pay for one of them (Under $13)…

Page 1 & $1,156.80 in 48 hours

Are you ready to start ranking simple Niche Sites on Page 1 of Google?

Case study reveals this simple 3 step formula which puts these simple sites on page 1 in days. Resulted in: Page 1 ranking & $1,156.80 in 48 hours

2 Secret Links

SO… How do you rank these simple little sites on page 1 and start making affiliate commission in 48 hours?

In a nutshell you need 2 types of links, links which link back to your website… when you use these links your sites will almost instantly rise up and outrank most of the competition.


So what does being able to rank on Google Page 1 really mean?

Traffic… Lots and lots of free traffic


Free Traffic: 42,000 Visitors

Top of Page 1

The 2 posts you see above have scooped up over 42,000 visitors for Free Google ‘Clickbank Marketing Trick’ for yourself…. You’ll find my site very near the top of Google Page 1.

 ‘Clickbank Marketing Trick’

What about this phrase – Launch jacking Trick

As you can see these are not some random, long tail phrases that nobody is ever going to look for (go check for yourself). When you can rank and stick to page 1 of google for phrases like these you get lots of FREE traffic to your offers.

Launch jacking Trick

P1 – How to rank on Page 1 in days (including $1,156.80 in 48 hours case study)

Lots of people say they have a system that gets them free traffic, lots of people tell you they can rank on page 1… but few can and even fewer show you checkable results.

If you want your sites on page 1 of google in the next couple of days follow this 3 Step (step-by-step) formula.

The P1 system contains 7 modules detailing every step (from the very basics). All steps are shown as over the shoulder videos…

In module 6 you’ll find access to the special links you need.

In module 6 you’ll find access to the special links you need.


If you really want Free traffic in the next few days and from then on, try the P1 Formula… You can access P1 today as a bonus (through me) when you buy TrafficX ($13 cost)


Steal Their Top 10 Traffic Methods For Bigger Profits, Hotter Leads, And More Money In Your Pocket

• Get access to their top 10 traffic methods
• Step-by-step video training
• 100% newbie-friend and easy to use traffic methods
• Traffic methods included for building a list, promoting affiliate offers, and even for high-ticket offers and services
• FREE and low cost traffic methods included
• Never worry about getting traffic ever again!

Access P1 with TrafficX Today.

Access P1 with TrafficX Today

Full disclosure: P1 is my bonus which you’ll receive if you purchase TrafficX through me today (cost $13). When you buy TrafficX you will receive instant access to P1 (inside W+ purchase area)


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