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1 Year of Blogging… reflection

Happy Birthday [to my blog] Today: October 31st 2018, my Internet Marketing blog: turns 1
1 year of blogging and using my blog as a central hub for pretty much everything I do (IM based) online.

This post isn’t about selling or promoting anything other than the idea that blogging is a very good business model. A business model without barriers (anyone can do this)

As they say… a picture says a thousand words… so here’s a picture

366,778 blog visits

366,778 Blog visits

1 year on and 366,778 visits by 127,513 unique visitors…

2399 Blog Comments

2399 blog Comments

Hint: If you are blogging or considering it, encourage your visitors to leave comments on your posts. Great comments help drive your blog posts on many levels… including SEO

Post with most comments (374 comments):

91 Blog Posts

Could you write 1-2 blog posts per week?

91 Blog Posts

1 – Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick – All Revealed – Visits: 17,474

2 – Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Trick V2 – Escape Plan – Visits: 12,306

3 – Embarrassing Niche makes $123,936 in 6 Months – Tutorial – Visits: 11,164

Hint: Clickbank marketing is still a massive draw.

Multiple Google Page 1 Spots

Multiple Google Page 1 Spots

Top Google spots mean lots of FREE organic traffic… but you already know that, so consider blogging (even if you only blog a little here and there / part time)

Blog Income?

I’m sure most of you know that I use BLOX throughout my blog… and I’m sure many of you know that using BLOX with my blog enables me to make $1000s per week… But this post isn’t about selling you on anything but the idea of blogging.

If you have a blog and continue to post, you can plug in any monetization method you like (doesn’t have to be BLOX)

This blog is 1 year old as I write this post… and I have no plans to stop blogging. In fact I highly recommend you do it too, its simple to do, its fun, it works on many levels and it’ll make you money.

I hope you like this post enough to leave a comment below… feel free to ask questions too.

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