[11 Months] 345,886 Blog visits and 81k (How To Do The Same)

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In November 2017 I started work on my IM Blog (you’ve probably visited it more than once).

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My blog received 345,886 visits

Just short of a year later my blog has received 345,886 visits (118,632 unique visitors)

345,886 Blog visits

81k in affiliate commission

In a little over 11 months I’ve made over 81k in affiliate commission, using my blog as a hub.

81k in affiliate commission

And all this is possible because, I quickly realised that in order for Blogging to work well and make me money every day I needed to connect a few other pieces.

Joining the Dots…

For example your email list (don’t worry if you don’t have one) can feed your blog & your blog can feed new leads.

Your Blog can build your YouTube Channel and increase your YT subscribers while the same YouTube channel feeds your blog. In fact… You reading this post now means you are part of the machine driving my business

Get YouTube Subscribers Fast

Get YouTube Subscribers Fast

The Trinity Review

Self-perpetuating Online Business Model

Re-use & re-cycle your visitors to grow your audience & make more money.

Essentially… once you have everything in the correct order (See This) your blog – YT Channel – List + other channels become self-perpetuating… I.E. each element helps one or more of the other elements to grow.

Does this self-building business model interest you?
If it does I do intend to cover the subject more and more in the coming weeks. However if you’d like to know how Anthony uses the same model to (connecting all the dots to feed and grow his audience) to the tune of around $200 profit per day.

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