Turn 10 Dollars into 332.25 Daily

New CPA Formula (For Newbies)

Hold on to your hat’s you’re about to learn something NEW…
It’s not often I can genuinely say that… but I can today.

Now I want you to close your eyes and imagine you never have to do another product review… you never have to create another product… you never have to do all that affiliate marketing stuff. In fact you never have to sell another thing EVER, but you still make over $300 a day.

  • Can you imagine it?
    Can you afford to spend $5-$20 a day ($10 makes $332.25 – see case studies)

The following method is based on a little known CPA tactic which combines dirt cheap traffic from a ‘simple’ (Newbie Friendly) YT trick and specific CPA offers (nobody has to buy anything).
The good news here though is: This works & it is perfect for newbies or anyone else just getting started…

Are you using YouTube Ads?

I don’t mean the fancy instream video ads… no that’s far too technical for most, I’m talking about static ads…

  • Do you know how cheap they are?
  • Do you know how much traffic you can source from other people’s viral videos using this little trick?
  • No you probably don’t – LOOK at THIS


Sure you could use this traffic however you wish…. Send it to your offers or directly to affiliate offers. Or you could stop selling altogether and potentially make more…

The screen shot below utilizes this little known CPA system… in total this cost $10 to achieve. I.E. a $10 investment, returning $322.25 ($322.25 profit)

CPA Pirate review

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Figure it Out…

Let’s say you start small

  • You pick a simple offer.
  • Perhaps an offer that pays you $5 for getting someone to sign up to a site to make money taking surveys.
  • You pay $10 in traffic to run to the offer, using the suggested traffic source set-up.
  • 15 people sign up to the offer. 15 x 5 is $75.
  • Your first ‘passive’ profit (well it would be for some)
  • You spend $10 and make $75 back ($65 profit)
  • Now you can set up as many as you like…
  • Plus, you can easily scale up each spend for profitable campaigns and make way more than $75/day per campaign.

But I’m a Great Affiliate

If you’re currently making 100s every day from your current affiliate marketing techniques, well then maybe this little CPA trick isn’t for you. But if you’re struggling to get started, never made a dime from affiliate marketing or anything else online… then this method (the combination of the traffic set-up and specific offers) is perfect.

Do Nothing

If you do nothing else today, just take a look at the results they are getting and consider the possibilities.

I Can Do That…

OK, so you may have skimmed this post and thought ‘Great’ I don’t need this step by step technique I can figure it out for myself… and maybe you can, but why would you?

Wouldn’t it be easier to follow a very simple step-by-step formula?

I’ll let you decide

 – Here’s The Step by Step Formula –

Accessible from 9am (US: Easter) on July 31st 2018

Plug it in & Profit


The method that I have talked about in this post does come packaged up as a step by step formula… I have been through it, it does work, and you can do it. You will of course need to actually follow the steps and apply this method in order for it to work (but you already knew that right).
If you want the method… you might also want the following (No Cost)

*The following products are included as a bonus package when you buy CPA Pirate through my link (access is delivered instantly) – Total cost of CPA Pirate (the step by step CPA Formula) will be $9.47 first 6 hours, $12.97 after that*

CPA Pirate Review

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