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Where I give away nearly all my products…

Product Giveaway


And here’s why:

[On the 23rd July 2018] Richard Fairbairn released a product called Affiliate Raid… And I recommended you buy it… In fact I insisted you get it! – Why because this thing is going to build your list and make you a ton of cash on autopilot… even if you don’t have a clue about online marketing.

Quick Affiliate Raid Review

Affiliate Raid Review

No, this is not B’S or theory
E.G. List build: Using Affiliate Raid:

23 thousand subscribers in weeks

You’re a Newbie right?
Who cares… You need a list and sales fast right?.

Affiliate Raid will build you a huge list over the next week, and each of those subscribers will become a potential customer and yet all you have to do is give stuff away… (Details on how this works below)
But not just any old stuff, Nope, Affiliate Raid lets you give away free versions of software – Without any strings, opt-ins or any hoops to jump through.

  • You just give the software away (and it really is 100% FREE)
  • Could you do that?
  • I bet you could!

And now for the clever bit!!!

You gave the software to Mr Smith (made up name btw)… Mr Smith downloads the software, and he’s happy because he didn’t have to pay a dime for it… he’s even happier because he didn’t have to opt-in to anything either.
And now he just wants to use that software – and all he has to do is unlock/activate the software in order to use it, and that’s easy – All Mr Smith needs to do is register the software by adding his name and email…

And that’s trick number 1: You now have Mr Smith as a subscriber and he’s happy about it.

Now for Trick #2. Mr Smith loves the software you gave him for free…
It works and it does exactly what he wanted it for…
But… he’d really like those additional features which just happen to be part of a paid upgrade. He decides to buy the Pro version and you… well you receive that payment…. (With Affiliate Raid the Products are YOURS)

Affiliate Raid Review

Can you see the potential?



Would an extra 23,000 subscribers make you more money?

Yeah I know that was a silly question, but just in case you’re still not with me…

  • All you have to do in order to build huge lists and profits is – give HQ ‘In Demand’ Software Away…
  • When you give away the software, those who want to use it have to register with their name and email details to use the software – ‘these details are added to you email list’
  • If they decide to upgrade to the pro version of the software you make money
  • If they don’t… well who cares, you have them on your list now – so sell them something else.

Can you see why I’m pretty excited about this?

But what if everyone is doing the same?
Good question… and it’s one I can answer: Affiliate Raid lets you re-brand the software, you can use your own sales pages, and landing pages… you can make each piece of software unique to you. And when I say ‘Each’ piece of software I mean you don’t just get 1 software to use, nope: you get 10 (see below)

Affiliate Raid Bonus

Impressive stuff right?
I thought so too… so much so that I’m giving way to much stuff away to anyone who buys *Affiliate Raid* through my link… yes that does mean I’ll get a commission when you do. But you won’t mind when you see this lot.

Lets begin with this…

Affiliate Raid Bonuses

Affiliate Raid Bonuses

Affiliate raid bonus

affiliate raid review

Affiliate Raid Review and Bonus



The following bonuses are 100% exclusive to me. Everything you see in the section below will be included when you purchase Affiliate Raid (FE/Main Product) through my affiliate link (on this page).


Buy *Affiliate Raid* (the FE / Main Product) through me and I’ll give you the following (at Zero Cost)


Best Affiliate Raid Bonuses


See below

Summary: Let’s be clear… you get everything detailed above when you purchase Affiliate Raid through me




If you decide to buy an Affiliate Raid Upgrade / Upsell (there are 2), you get even more. I have two upgrade packages here is the first ‘below’… look out for the second.

More Incredible Affiliate Raid Bonuses

Again… Let’s be clear; Affiliate Raid has two upgrades which add additional value (but not required).
Affiliate Raid Upsell details: OTO 1 = Pro version includes the upsell versions for each of the lite versions included in the main product.
All pro versions have extra features and are upsold within the lite versions (to your customers/ by you). So anyone upgrading will get 100% of the income generated from any ‘pro’ upgrades.
Essentially you make more money as people uprgrade from the lite versions you give away for free.


Package number 2 (see below) is included when you upgrade Affiliate Raid PRO (OTO1)

affiliate raid bonus


As you can see that’s one hell of an Affiliate Raid Bonus Package already… but there is still more to come.


Affiliate Raid Upsell details: OTO 2 = MASTER version includes all source code to each piece of software. so the whole thing can be rebranded re-developed do whatever you want with the code and make a new enhanced version of each product. Affiliate Raid Master also includes one new piece of software added every month


Package number 3 (see below) is included when you upgrade Affiliate Raid MASTER (OTO3)



Best affiliate raid bonuses


The Important Stuff: 

You’ve seen this page and you’ve seen the bonuses, so let me state why I’m doing this: Affiliate Raid is very real, it does what it says on the tin, but most importantly… It enables marketers of all calibres and experience levels (including Newbies) to quickly get the results they have perused for so long.
It’s true… there are 100s if not 1000s of dollars’ worth of products being given away as bonuses on this page, but your decision to purchase Affiliate Raid should be made based on the product itself.

…And if you do decide that Affiliate Raid is perfect for you (btw I know for a fact that it is) then I want you to buy it through me (obviously)…
The bonuses on this page are real products, most are my products, so that makes them exclusive to me. That means: you only get access to them when you purchase through my link.


To ensure you purchase through me (and not mistakenly through someone else make sure it says referred by IKKONIK (#4519) on the checkout page… See Image Below

If you don’t see IKKONIK & #4519, clear cookies and try again



Plus, If you like this offer…. please do me a favour and comment below to let me know you are interested in these mega bonus packages and tell me why you think they will help.

Affiliate Raid Bonus, Affiliate Raid Review

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