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Who Wants Some Free Traffic?

One of our development teams has just finished our VideoSumo project, so we’re looking for a small team of people to try it, test it and use it.


What does it do?

The object is simple… Rank on Page 1 of Google

• Why?… Because we all want FREE Targeted Traffic
• How?… By utilising Video… Specifically YouTube (Vimeo also included)

Ok, so there is nothing ground breaking about that… You already know Google own YouTube, You already know that ranking high for a phrase on YT gives you a much better chance of ranking high on Google… But that’s all just theory right?

Well, not if you have the right tools… or in the case of VideoSumo: The Right Tool
Wanna Test it?


VideoSumo is a duel suite, cloud based software which enables users to research and create traffic sucking videos in minutes… Videos that know before you start are going to rank on Google and YouTube for almost instant traffic.

How do you know… Because we’ve found a way of reverse engineering Googles video ranking structure… Yes, I know the thought of research sounds boring, if I’m honest… I find it boring too. Which I why I asked our developers to develop a traffic light system.

RED – Difficult
AMBER – Tricky
GREEN – Go For It

VideoSumo - difficulty indicator

I’ll be putting together a PDF detailing the steps for beta testers but believe me when I say… this is the easiest research and deploy video app you’ll see on the market.

Part 1: Research

• Add a keyword / phrase and click search
• Select a phrase from the traffic light results… I.e you pick GREEN
• Then click view data
• Select (swipe) the data including Titles, Tags & Descriptions from the highest ranking videos (based on phrase) with 1 click…
• Export to use with your videos
• Or add data and create your own video to exploit the phrase with Part 2 of VideoSumo

Part 2: Video Creation
While we knew lots of you would be blown away with just the stupidly simple research element and want to use that part ‘Stand Alone’. We also guessed some of you would love a simple way to quickly create cool little videos specifically to fill those little pockets of traffic in minutes… so we built in our own video creation tool.

Again I’ll be detailing this aspect in more detail in the PDF… but just like the research aspect – the video creation element is easy – plus it connects with your YouTube account, so you can create and upload in minutes with the winning data you extracted in step 1


So who wants to join us and start using VideoSumo?

The app is ready and the training is in place… but of course, we’re bound to have forgotten something which is why we’d like a few of you to put the software through it’s paces.

What we need from you

  • First and foremost… we need you to use it….
  • Sure you might be sat there reading this and thinking, sounds great, “I might give that a go sometime”. If that’s what you’re thinking… then Nope, sorry, that won’t help us.
  • But if you can dedicate some time, follow some steps and actually use the software then we’d love to hear from you.
  • If you want in, and we accept, we’ll add you to a skype group.
  • The Skype group will consist of our team including developers.
  • You’ll get full access (and keep it)… We’ll ask you to use the software, report issues, suggest where things could be better… and we’ll be there to make your experience a rewarding one.
  • PLUS: We’ll have a number of projects on offer…

• We may suggest niches / phrases and pay you to get results (rank a video)
• We may run a number of contests and pay cash prizes to the testers who gets the best results


This offer is open to anyone, if you’re a video / YouTube marketer with some experience then fantastic. However if you have very little experience, but you are keen… then you fit the bill too.

The only requirements are: You need a YouTube account, and you need to commit to doing this…

What’s in it for you?

• You’ll be the first to own and use the software… When officially launched you’ll be upgraded to include anything / everything we include (all upgrades)
• Payments for results
• 1 on 1 Skype contact with me
• Advice on building your online business from (if you need / want it)
• Etc. Etc… Basically, you help us, and we’ll help you.

How does that sound?

If it sounds like a plan, please state your interest below.


First of all I’d like to thank all of the beta testers who gave their time in order to test Videosumo, find the bugs (there were bugs… yes), make suggestions (we took lots on-board) and generally make this app better.
And now we believe we achieved far more than we originally intended (because of you guys)… thank you, and remember, you get to keep and use the software going forward (including all the tweaks we have made and may make going forward.

When we started beta testing it was apparent that the research element worked well, however the video maker wasn’t quite so good, so we made some major improvements throughout. One of the biggest updates is; you can now turn any web page into a video.

And its simple to do… the video below details the whole app. But essentially all you need to do is enter a page URL and use the drag selection window to turn any area of a site into a video slide. You can make as many slides doing this as you like (see below), you can also add voice over narration as well now… all this makes the tool excellent for churning out affiliate / launch jacking videos in minutes.

VideoSumo Demo

*Sound quality isn’t great*

Are we using VideoSumo ourselves?
Oh yes… here are some of my recent results…

VideoSumo – Recap

What does it do?

  • #1. It enables you to enter a seed keyword and instantly find easy to rank phrases that relate to the seed phrase.
    For example entering XYZ review may be hard to rank but the software may show you that XYZ Software or XYZ Download is easy to rank for.
    The competition for any phrase is shown as a colour (traffic light based) – I.E. Red is difficult, Amber – Medium and Green – Easy
  • #2. Next you can extract the ranking data and factors being used for top ranking videos (for the specific phrases)… you can export everything for use with your own videos (if you have them)
  • Or… #3. Chose to make a video to fit the phrase using the built-in (and updated) video maker.

VideoSumo is built for speed and ease of use… If you love analysing data for hours, weighing up options and then spending days making the slickest videos on YouTube this isn’t for you – however if you like Google page 1 ranking and the free traffic that accompanies it in minutes, then you’re going to love this tool.

Would You Like to Try it?
VideoSumo goes live on August 20th… As you know we already have a number of Beta testers on board. What we now need is feedback from users… Would you like to try it? No Cost
As I post this we are looking for another 10 people to use VideoSumo, get results and come back to us with your experience, results, feedback etc.… please note there are zero costs involved, we won’t expect you to reveal what you ranked for (so you don’t get bombarded with competition), but we will need you to commit to genuinely using the software and providing feedback.

Please state your interest in the comments below; include a little about why you think this tool might help you – then contact me stating your interest using the site contact form.

*I will only reply to successful applicants / limited to another 10 people at the moment*

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