How to Rank Blog Posts on Page 1 In Minutes

How to Rank Every ‘Review’ Blog Post In Minutes 

Fully Google Compliant

The following method will require No Money, No List & It’s Suitable for Newbies
However you will need a WP Blog…

You may have noticed that the products I have released in 2018 harp back to what many think are days gone by… I.e. they are Blog based

BLOOOM (Plugin & Training) allowed users to extract unique content/posts from inside YouTube videos and then built them a unique WP post.

BLOX (Training) enables users to make affiliate commission without actually promoting any affiliate products… again from blog posts.

But why?

Build a Real Evergreen Business In Minutes

It’s simple really… Regardless of which system or how many systems you use on your blog you are still applying them all in one place… Your blog. Think of it like this… everything you add to your blog is essentially expanding/ scaling your potential income.

Let me summarise this for you:
If you are anything like I was when I started then you’ll probably buy multiple products looking for something that works for you and makes you money… Most of us do this.

Now if you first have a base, or as I like to call it a ‘Hub’ and you apply all of those different formulas there, then essentially you are building an asset which sooner or later is going to make you money… and once it starts it will continue.

Your Blog is an Asset
Just like it was years ago… Its funny (for me) since I started off with blogs and then decided I knew better, but the reality was I was a misguided ‘Dumb Ass’ for not continuing to build my blog back then, and it took me a long time to realise this (October 2017).

But I got there in the end, and today nearly everything I do runs through my blog and the result is… I make stacks of cash every single day, much of which is a result of people finding my blog on Google and Bing. And that’s something that anyone can do.

How You Make Money from Your Blog

Some of you reading this post right now may well be thinking “Yeah it’s easy for him, because he has a bloody huge email list”. If that’s what you are thinking then you’re bang on… that’s true, it is easier for me. But that doesn’t mean the same process won’t work for you. You don’t actually need a list to get started…

Free Organic Traffic In Minutes

Like I said… a lot of my traffic actually come direct from Google and Bing organically (that means FREE).

Take the post I made yesterday (at the time of writing)

This post is number 5 on page 1 of Google… and it was there in hours.

And this post here: #6 on Page 1 of Google (with over 10 Million results)


Or what about this one


So as you can see many of my posts rank on page 1 organically… Go check for yourself. And when a post ranks on page 1… well then it gets lots of traffic and it’s all FREE.


But you know that already don’t you. So, could you make money if your posts appeared on page 1 in minutes? The Answer is YES You could!

How to Hit Page 1 of Google in Minutes

It makes perfect sense… if your posts, reviews etc. sit at the top of google you’ll make money (even if you are a Newbie)… its obvious right?

So How Do You Do It?
Well I’d love to tell you I have all the answers but I don’t, or at least I didn’t until I examined and verified what Marc was doing.

Marc Ranks Every Blog Post on Page 1 In Minutes

Marc has a simple but methodical system which enables him to rank on page 1 of Google for product review posts (but it could be applied to any post) in minutes (no Joke).

Now, it’s true… there are tricks and hacks scattered all over the internet which show you how to quickly rank on Google…

  • But are they Google compliant?… Um, NO, not usually.
  • And do they stick?… Again, NO, not usually.

Google Compliant Formula:

But Marc’s is and it does, everything he does is above board, google compliant and the results stick, which means his posts make him affiliate commission on complete autopilot day in, day out…

Is this REAL?
Absolutely… I went ahead and checked the results for myself as you can see below.

Please Note: All of these screen shots are taken from Google page 1 (Incognito). The numbers signify the position on page 1

You’ll notice that I have left the phrases clear for anyone to see and verify for themselves… Go ahead – check them.

So… would you like to be able to do the same?

Would you like to be able to rank any post you like at the top of Google in minutes?

(Remember this is Fully Google Compliant)

Do you want to do this?
OK… comment below and let me know you’d like to do the same and then click the red button below to get started ranking your posts in seconds today.



P.S. I have already started using Marc’s formula myself… after writing this post I used one of Marc’s super quick methods (it took less than 1 minute) and now this post is ranked number 1 on page 1 of Google… CRAZY

Remember: comment below and let me know you’d like to do the same and then click this button.



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