0-10K Per Month – Whether You Like it or Not! ‘EXCLUSIVE’

Don’t read this post if…

…you are already making 10k+ per month…

So are you making 10k per month… if you are, then no need to read the rest of this email.

But if not… rest assured this post contains:

No Tricks, No Shiny Buttons, No Hype

Hmm, so let me be the first to admit that I use every tool in the book to sell online.
And yes you can judge me if you like… or you could join me. The truth is everyone says they want to succeed online, but most people don’t have what it takes… Do You?


PayPal: $32,656.22


The Secret to Success

Is there one?…

Actually there are a few… but they all boil down to following a well-trodden path
Insider secrets if you like, and I’ll share this one with you today… You know those guys you buy products from month after month, not me 😉 (see below)… They are successful today because of an exclusive group that used to exist called “The Success Lounge”. That’s where they got their start.

Names like: Mark Barrett, Art Flair, Billy Darr, Declan Mc, etc. etc. you know who they are right? Well they all paid 2500 to 5000 bux to be part of The Success Lounge. And today each one of those names are either 6 or 7 figure marketers.

However ‘The Success Lounge’ Is No More… But there is a replacement

The 5-Figure Lounge

Forget the Silly Price – LOOK

The Success Lounge would have cost you a minimum of $2500… but like I said, it no longer exists. Instead it’s been replaced by ‘The 5-Figure Lounge (5FL)’… which is better & cheaper at $997… that’s the normal price. But today you can get 85% OFF?

Now I can’t believe I pulled this off… and this back door in to the The 5-Figure Lounge will only be available to 20 people .


20 People Only? Yeah Right… everyone says that!

False scarcity is common in the IM business but make no mistake… The 5-Figure Lounge is valuable to its users and time consuming for the guys running it. As such I can only offer 20 spaces at this point. Will I offer spaces in the future? Yes but I can only do it every 40-60 days (I have no say in this, sorry). Just know that when I say 20 people only… that really means 20 people only.

Don’t be left Disappointed…

Over 98.4% Of People NEVER Make Money As An Affiliate

So What’s It Cost?

So, The price is $997… But I have secured an insane 85% discount (That’s $600 discount) on the EXACT same 10k/month coaching+training that was taught in The Success Lounge… to those guys you know and buy from.



0 Spaces Remain (at the time of writing)


So the name has changed… and it’s no longer all about launching products.
Because, launching products isn’t for everyone, I get that – so don’t worry if that isn’t what you want to do…

But you do want to start making money this week don’t you?
Oh… hype creeping in again lol

Seriously though… I spent two hours inside The 5-Figure Lounge to check it out before I sent this and brand new students are already making money…
I guarantee that is the case.


Newbie – Profit on 1st Go

Brett made his first profit selling 3 of my products on his first go ;)… btw, he’s a newbie and doesn’t have a list… (See below)

The 5-Figure Lounge

No… You Don’t Need a List!

Oh and by the way, you won’t need a list or anything like that… this is ground up do this – do that training.


$10,000 Every Month… whether you like it or not!

And it’s actually 10x better than the original Success Lounge.. because the guy who ran things back then, Bill Hugall, has teamed up with another highly successful 7-figure marketer. So you’re basically getting two 7-figure coaches for the price of ONE. These guys are tag-teaming to ensure you hit 10k/mo online, whether you like it or not!

BUT: Only 20 people will be allowed in on this right now.

0 Spaces Remain (at the time of writing)


  • And they’re only looking for serious people who are ready to GO full speed to the 10k/mo level.
  • This is NOT for tire kickers.
  • This is for those who have struggled for years and are fed up and ready for change.
  • This is a chance for you to finally hit the 5-figure per month level. With not one, but two PROVEN 7-figure marketers at your side.

About your training options
Let me be honest… there are lots of options out there, plenty of people set themselves up as coaches and mentors when in reality they probably don’t know that much more than you. Follow a proven path taught by people you know… who have taught people you know.

Just don’t pay big money for it if you can get away with it 😉

Peer to Peer Support Environment

You’ll get the training… and you’ll get Bill & Spencer on hand, but the other 19 people that you’ll be joining with will also be at your side. So many business deals will come from this exclusive group.. (The 5-Figure Lounge). Bottom line is, going it alone is so much more difficult online. But when you have 20 students and 2 coaches in a strong community like this, all aiming for the same goal of 10k/month, then the results come QUICKLY.

And… in this new 5-Figure Lounge Bill & Spencer will be available to you five days a week in REAL time. No waiting around for support or any of that. This way your success is NEVER waiting on support.

The doors for this special offer open tomorrow @ 3pm EST.

Only 20 people will be allowed in this time.

Access to the The 5-Figure Lounge is Open Now – 20 Spaces Only


Expect spots to go quickly because of the ridiculous price and limited spaces. Others had to pay 2500 to 5000 for this.. but it’s yours at a tiny fraction (if your one of the first 20).

0 Spaces Remain (at the time of writing)


New Member Results

The following members have just joined 5 Figure Lounge… Here are their first results.


P.S. As you will have gathered from the post above… this is not another nasty little $7 product. This isn’t something you do, or try to do alone, you work inside a community following ‘Do This – Do That’ Instructions. And it’s all about YOU.

Even with the $600 discount joining 5-Figure Lounge is still an investment which many will have to think long and hard about, and I completely understand that. So if you have questions relating to 5-Figure Lounge post them below in comments and I will do my best to answer them for you… I know Bill & Spencer very well, so I can get the answers you need.

Lastly… joining 5-Figure Lounge is an investment in your future… Consider it ONLY if you are serious about making substantial and consistent money online.

If you liked this post, have questions or want access please comment below…

Access to the The 5-Figure Lounge is Open Now – 20 Spaces Only


Expect spots to go quickly because of the ridiculous price and limited spaces. Others had to pay 2500 to 5000 for this.. but it’s yours at a tiny fraction (if your one of the first 20).

0 Spaces Remain (at the time of writing)



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