3 Minute Automated Affiliate Profit Software For Newbies

Newbie Automated Affiliate System

It’s no surprise that Affiliate Marketing is the easiest & most profitable way to make money online… and it’s no surprise that it has created more internet millionaires than any other online business model.
By 2020, U.S. affiliate marketing growth will cross $6.8 Billion and 81% top brands will start using affiliate programs.

And it’s suitable for Newbies too… Have you tried it?
If you have then you have probably discovered that it’s not quite as easy as you might think…. Not if you do it the way most do which is why I decided to write this post.

About this post: so cards on the table… I’m going to recommend a neat (& new) piece of software called AffiliateNinjaPro for a number of reasons which you will find at the end of this post… I’m also going to compare the manual way of doing things to the automated process you get with AffiliateNinjaPro… But hey; no arm twisting, if you don’t like the hands off approach don’t look at the software.

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Let’s compare…

Affiliate Funnel

Affiliate marketing is cool and it works exceptionally well if you first capture the lead so you can follow up right… this process is called ‘affiliate funnels’.
I.E. You send to a landing page (which is connected to your Autoresponder/ I recommend myMailIt if you don’t already have an autoresponder)… Next you send them to the offer, many people will not purchase at this point but because they are now on your list you can follow on up autopilot until they do buy. Simple right… and you already know all that stuff right?

However…Creating a profitable affiliate marketing funnels is a tedious task which may cost you hundreds of dollars to do properly and of course a lot of your time:
To create a funnel, you must choose a proven converting product, create squeeze page, design it, write copy for it and much more but with AffiliateNinjaPro, its as simple as adding your affiliate link…


AffiliateNinjaPro demo

Built In Templates – Look

And then choosing a pre-configured (editable) template…

AffiliateNinjaPro templates


No Domains or Hosting Required

Then Publish… Oh I should have mentioned that you don’t need a domain or hosting or any of the costly and tedious stuff. AffiliateNinjaPro hosts everything for you so setting up affiliate funnels is achievable in 2 or 3 minutes.


AffiliateNinjaPro bonus


Driving Traffic to your affiliate funnels and offers is always the BIGGEST Challenge:
To generate free traffic, you need to create tons of articles & backlinks and wait for months to see any traffic on your affiliate site.
AffiliateNinjaPro however uses the power of viral marketing & Social Media and shares your affiliate funnels on top social platforms, means floods of FREE VIRAL traffic without spending a penny on paid advertisement… This works because you are not sharing affiliate links (you are simply sharing a landing page link)



No Techy Stuff Please

Technical Stuff that takes ages to learn and quite frankly I don’t like it. I’m not a techy guy and I like things to be as simple as possible, maybe you do too?
While AffiliateNinjaPro is cutting-edge technology it is created to automate the complete system for me, you and any ordinary person who just wants to make money online without the learning curve. Essentially it’s designed to enable complete newbies to make money quickly from affiliate promotions (without the hassle)

3 Steps Set-Up LOOK


  • Step 1– Insert your affiliate link… To get started, insert your Affiliate link in the software to start selling the affiliate offer.
  • Step 2– Choose from many included and Proven to convert affiliate funnel templates. Just select and edit from the ready-to-go affiliate funnel templates from the vast library to create your own profitable affiliate funnels.
  • Step 3– FREE traffic and money… Now the software starts driving traffic for you on autopilot via SEO, Social & Viral…

Actually take a look at the video demo… it does a much better job of explaining how AffiliateNinjaPro works that I can

Affiliate Promos on Autopilot

Well hopefully this little post has shown you how AffiliateNinjaPro can help you streamline your affiliate promos… and actually make money from them. Remember you don’t need hosting or domains if you use this software.

Plus… I know many people struggle to find the right product to promote and get accepted for… this software however comes with a number of products included, configured, set up and ready for you to promote.

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AffiliateNinjaPro Bonuses…

Check these bonuses out

AffiliateNinjaPro bonus

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Then here’s what you need to do

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Please Note: There are 3 options on the sales page for AffiliateNinjaPro. The bonus offer is applicable to AffiliateNinjaPro Professional only (cost: under $38.95)



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