New Autoresponder-Unlimited List/use: $40 for life

This is pretty new and pretty different… read this post and you’ll…

Never spend another penny (or dime) on monthly Autorespnder bills.

The money is the list… how many times have you heard that phrase? Hundreds of times… thousands of times and here’s why – it’s true.
e.g. I made $24,415.20 just last month from affiliate commission… and a good part of that was as a result of using my email list.

$24,415.20 last month from affiliate commission…

myMailIt review

So yes… it is TRUE
The money really is in the list, but then you already knew that right?

And you probably know that in order for all this to work so you can store and send out thousands of promo emails with 1 click you need an Autoresponder.
Maybe you already have one?

Maybe you use…

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • Sendlane
  • Or maybe one of the countless other big name Autoresponders

And that’s great… but if you do, then you will also know that they come at a hefty monthly cost.

You can see just how much those costs are in the image below…

myMailIt review

I use both Aweber & GetResponse (hence the highlighted figures)… so based on the size of multiple lists on two different platforms my monthly autoresponder cost is close to $300.

So $300 a month is fine if you’re making $20k plus per month… but what if you’re not?

  • What if you’re just getting started?
  • What if you haven’t actually made any money yet?

Well regardless of where you are right now if you want to be successful online you will need an autoresponder… you just can’t do business online without one.

So what if I told you that you could now get access to…

An online Autoresponder for less than $40?

That’s $40 once by the way (not monthly)

I’ll explain the costings / prices in a moment… but first let me tell you a little more about this new and unique option and why it is so much cheaper than any alternative.

  • #1. It’s a real Autoresponder… Just like all those Big Name AR’s this one is cloud based… I.e you log-in online (so nothing to download)
  • #2. Your lists are stored online securely (like any other AR)
  • #3. The cost is cheaper due to the way emails are sent…

Plus, due to #3 (above) the difference in how your emails are sent also has a direct impact on reducing spam and bounce rates while increasing open rates by as much as 15%.

So what’s it called and where do I get it?

It’s called: MyMailIt

And you can get it from Sunday: April 8th @ 10am (US Eastern)

But there’s more
Yes lots more which will appeal to you as a BLOX user or even if you’re not…

But first let me tell you a little more about MyMailIt, the features and the full costs.

  • Can I upload my email lists? YOU choose what subscribers to upload, and how many (there are no restrictions) No verification process & zero loss.
  • YOU choose when to send emails just like you do with any other Autoresponder… send follow-ups, broadcasts or build complete autoresponder follow-up sequences.
  • How many emails can I send? YOU choose how many emails you want to send (again, NO limits)
  • Is there an issue with marketing / promo emails and the content I send? Nope: YOU choose what’s in the emails you send… because of the way emails are sent the marketing / prom issue doesn’t exist.
  • Is it safe? YOU never worry again about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you lost profits – MyMailIt works a little different meaning you control the whole thing from your own dash.

So how about those cost…
Well I told you that this would cost you less than $40 ($37 at 10am on Sunday 8th April) and that is the case.

However the emails that you send out will contain a little branding and they may be a little slower than Aweber or GR depending on the size of your list and how many emails you are sending.
So in order to fix these little issues I recommend you upgrade to MyMailIt PRO… it’ll cost you an additional $67. Doing so guarantees your emails go out 30x faster, you also get done for you lead pages, and no myMailIt branding in the footer of your emails.

$104 for both MyMailIt and MyMailIt Pro and that’s all you will pay (for life)… if you get this within the launch window you’ll never pay another dime, you’ll never have to pay another monthly autoresponder fee and you’ll never have to conform to what any of the big name ARs deem necessary.

And now for something special…

As I write this post I already know many of you will not be tempted away from your current autoresponder, I get that, and the last thing I want to do is to drag you away from a service you may be very happy with.
However, I also know there are lots and lots of you who either don’t have an Autoresponder in place yet or maybe have one but don’t like the monthly pinch on your income… so this is for you guys

Bonuses with a difference.

[Perfect for BLOXers]


Sell them all and keep 100% of everything…

Because you can sell them all and keep 100% of everything… Interested?

Click Below the following image to view reseller bonuses in detail:

MyMailIt Bonus

Click Here to View Reseller Bonuses


If you had to buy these product along with rights to resell the total cost would be $1043.
Yes that’s real value, not one of those stupid made up things where you end up with half a ton of useless PLR junk.

So if you’re interested in an Autoresponder you control with ‘One Price For Life’ that comes with over $1000 worth of resellers licences (as a unique and pretty exclusive bonus) when you get MyMailIt through me of course… then please let me know in the comments area below.

Go Ahead…
Just let me know you’re interested and I’ll follow up with all the details on those reseller licences and more… and remember this is a good deal without the bonuses… it’s amazing with them… and if you already have BLOX, well this will make your head explode (In a good way)… just plug them into your BLOX set up and watch 100% of every referred sale hit your PayPal (you know what I’m talking about BLOXers don’t you 😉 )

Start leaving those comments now… Go

If you have already viewed the reseller bonuses and are ready to get myMailIt click the button bellow.

MyMailIt Review

myMailIt Review

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