How to Make Money with Bing & ClickBank in Hours

Bing Plus ClickBank Equals Profit

If you have followed this blog for any length of time you have probably noticed that I tend to talk about Bing paid traffic and Clickbank offers quite a bit… and there’s a reason for that, wanna know what that reason is?

Well no suspense… Basically Bing PPC and (Some) Clickbank offers equates to Money In Your Pocket… and it’s pretty damned easy. Now like pretty much everything I talk about I do this stuff myself, perhaps you have seen this post here: CB Trick post:

Who in their right mind doesn’t want to make simple commissions in hours right?

But how does something like this really work?
Well its actually pretty simple really and yes it does work… in fact it is very, very easy.

The Method in a nutshell goes like this…

#1. Find an offer on ClickBank following simple criteria… You could use other affiliate platforms or even CPA if you wanted. But I’ll stick to talking about ClickBank as that’s what I do, and it is always better to talk about stuff you actually understand and do yourself.

#2. Spy on what others are doing… This is a trick I picked up a while ago and one of the reasons I put the free Clickbank Marketing Trick PDF together (the one offered on this page:
I’ve been messing around with ClickBank for years but being able to spy on what others are doing and what is making them money was a real eye opener. Especially because you can use one little known software to do it all for you (for FREE)
I use this software personally… I can grab their best ads and keywords… Sneaky? Well yes… but then I’m in business to make money and I’m guessing you are too 😉

Then for the traffic
#3. Send cheap paid traffic + Profit
Now, the thought of using paid traffic may well send a chill down many people’s spines but here’s the thing Bing is easy and cheap… well it is if you target niches, get the keywords right and use the ads which are already working.

Yep – Bing ads + Clickbank is pretty cool…

And here’s another reason why… you don’t even need a website lol. That’s right you can pretty much direct link through your affiliate link with a couple of little tweaks… which I do explain in that PDF I keep hinting at… so you probably want the PDF right? – Well you can have it right now if you like… but read below first.

There is a very small flaw in the PDF in terms of redirecting the affiliate link (most of the time it works – occasionally It doesn’t) which brings me to this: BBP

BBP is a BING Profit training and software which fits very nicely with my ClickBank Marketing Trick PDF… It covers a lot more than ClickBank by the way such as CPA, but most importantly it solves the re-direct issue and ensures your links are always fully compliant with BING T.O.S.


#1. As always, please comment below in the comment area to let me know you want the ClickBank Marketing Trick PDF Today

#2. Then click the following link

C L I C K  T H E  L I N K  B E L O W

BING Profit Training & Software

If this is something you want to try and you buy BBP through my link then you will find my ClickBank Marketing Trick waiting for you in your JVZ purchase area… Remember these two products compliment each other (they work together) BBP will solve the little issue which some people may experience while using my ClickBank Marketing Trick

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