1 Hour Per Day P/T System – 691 P/W

Wow… what a week, did you see it unfold?
Did you see BLOX literally explode? I’m guessing you did and you might even have purchased it, but either way listen to this.


BLOX is hugely popular because it’s simple to do, cheap to get started, it works… (Yep tons of proof included) and it’s something that people can work at part time.

And that really is the key.
Start Part Time & Scale!


It’s funny, today many people refer to me as an IM Guru… but I’m not. I’m just a normal bloke who persisted, perhaps a little more than most… found what I was good at and scaled.
And you know what else? I had to do it all part time to begin with because I had a day job. I hated my job but I stuck with it because I had bills to pay and a family to support… and you might be in the same boat.

Can You Spare… 1 HOUR? [wp-deadline id=1]

PBP Software costs $7

Piggyback Payday





So what am I saying? Well I guess what I’m saying is… part time is cool.
An hour here and an hour there is enough to make you some very useful extra money every week. Sure I know all about the big dreams… $1000s a day, the big house, fancy car etc, etc – but listen, that comes with time, you have to actually start first and then scale to bigger and bigger.

Part Time is COOL… Remember; That’s where I started 😉


Piggyback Payday Review

Take Jay for example
Jay spends around 1 hour per day applying a little system that makes him an average $691 per week. So $691 per week in extra income for around 1 hour a day or 7 hours per week – that’s almost $100 per hour (Pretty good right)

Its part time, it fits around work commitments and family life… and it produces an extra $2000+ per month.

Interested in what Jay does?
If you are read on… if not, well don’t read on lol

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Lets begin with some results…

Piggyback Payday Software

NICE… but what does he do in order to make this money?
Jay is using a simple little system and software that enables him to capitalise on other people’s services. Basically he piggybacks off the success of others, and this isn’t a new concept… nope. Thousands of people are doing this right now… but there is a difference.

I.E nearly everyone who does this now or in the past will have used the manual approach which although profitable does take rather a long time (I.e. it equates to a full time job).

However the software Jay now uses reduces the process right down to 30 minutes – 1 hour per day (depending on how much he wants to make).
By the way this is not exclusive to Jay, this is for everyone.

Piggyback Payday

Piggyback Payday

The PBP Software: 

PBP Software costs $7

PBP is a pretty new ‘under the radar’ software and system that enables users to piggyback off Instagram users and online stores, and profit in the process without cost.  It automates the same system currently used manually by thousands of marketers daily. So that what used to take 8-10 hours to make $100, now takes about an hour.

And of course you can rinse and repeat.

Sure I said: 1 Hour Per Day & Part Time[wp-deadline id=2]

But that doesn’t mean you can only do this for 1 hour a day… If you can spare 3 hours a day, well then you’ll make 3x the amount… you get the picture.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves here… let’s keep our feet on the ground and be realistic.

Can you spare a maximum of 1 hour per day to run this software?

If that’s a YES take a look at how this software works and if you like it and want to try it today… then the cost will come as a welcomed SHOCK – PBP costs Just $7


Don’t forget… engagement is important for you and me. If you liked this post please leave a comment below 😉

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