Stockocity 2 Review – 6000 HD Videos for $30

Stockocity 2… 6000 HD Videos + 75 New HD Videos pm – for less than $30 (You Pay Once)

Feel free to check out the sales video below

Stockocity 2

Do You Use Video as a Marketing Tool?

How would you like to stop paying for royalty free stock video forever?

Stockocity 2

Stockocity 2 is literally the last stock video you will ever need to buy. Join over 5,000 satisfied customers that won’t be paying month after month, year after year for unlimited access to more than 6,000 royalty free full HD footage videos.
Read on to discover why thousands of customers trust Stockocity 2… discover how to stop paying your stock video providers forever.

  • Are you tired of ridiculous stock video prices?
  • Do you reuse the same low-quality video background that you bought in 2012 for all of your projects because you just can’t afford between 50 and 80 dollars for a single FHD stock video?

Pond5, istock and Shutterstock charge between $50 and $80 per FHD video… this has been going on for years now that’s how stock videos have always been sold and that’s what everyone has been paying.
Value and discount stock video sites do offer deals at $8 to 30 dollars for a single FHD stock video but that’s still too expensive. Newer leading-edge stock video providers have moved to a monthly model… VideoBlocks charges $99 per month to access their library every month… But that’s still too expensive.

Enough already with crazy stock video prices…

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that after you join a stock video membership club the renewal is a big fat zero forever? That’s what you get with Stockocity 2, you pay just once to gain access to 6000 HD videos, plus each and every month they add new FHD (full HD) videos to your membership and you’ll pay nothing more that’s guaranteed money in the bank every single month.

Stockocity 2 is changing the way we buy stock videos, instead of paying month after month they charge you just once, a single one-time payment now and that’s it forever.

Stockocity 2

Video Shows: Inside Stockocity Members Area

Stockocity 2

Poor-quality video?

Using video in your marketing promotions and social media is a 100 percent requirement and you can’t just throw together any video these days… you need to deliver high quality.
Did you know that 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor-quality video?

Or that over 68% of the videos on the first page of YouTube results are in HD or better resolution?

Stockocity 2 delivers quality… they only offer full HD videos, and all new monthly videos are exclusive and FHD to ensure that you have the highest quality videos around.

Access & Download Videos When You Need Them…

And unlike other collections or fire sales where you purchase stock assets in bulk they don’t simply give you a 100 gigabyte zip file with generic file names that sit on your hard drive gathering dust… Or worse still, killing your device storage capacity.

Stockocity 2 offers a fully browsable keyword searchable tag, searchable membership site with full previews of every single video. Not only that, they make all of their videos available in all popular lower resolutions too.
Why? Because not all existing software works well with Full HD.

Stockocity 2 Review
Many people use online services and software for video creation, Stockocity 2 provides all FHD video clips in four different sizes all the way down to web optimised for 20 by 240.
This guarantees that your investment in these high quality videos works with your existing software tools and services.

Plus, for all fast acting buyers they are going to bonus you: designer and developer rights at no additional cost which means you can include any of the Stockocity 2 videos in your client’s projects and videos too

As mentioned earlier this isn’t a one-time dump of a bunch of videos… Joining Stockocity 2 means you’re joining the Stockocity 2 membership Club for a onetime payment (which right now is dirt cheap)

Six thousand videos instantly

You get access to a library of six thousand videos instantly – you also receive 75 new full high-definition videos every month over the next two years. that works out to 1800 new HD videos at no additional cost… In total you get access to almost 8000 total videos for one small cost.

Now take a look at what’s included in Stockocity 2

  • 6,000 new HD stock footage videos
  • 75 new HD stock video footage every single month
  • All videos available in popular lower resolutions
  • Bonus designer and developer rights
  • And it’s completely hosted in the cloud so that you don’t need to download a hundred gigabytes of video files
  • All backed by a 100% money back guarantee

I highly recommend Stockocity 2 and will be using it myself!

Stockocity 2

Change the way you buy stock videos and save an absolute packet… $8 – $80 for a full high-definition video clip might be fine for CNN HBO or paramount studio but it isn’t fine for the rest of us and with Stockocity 2 it stops right here.


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