1.4 Million Dollars in 24 Months: Following ‘The 4 Core Steps’

The following post started out as inspiration and ended with the Answer… e.g:

I made $1.4 Million Dollars in 24 Months Following ‘The 4 Core Steps’

…An yet, I’m a Techno-phobic, 50 Something, Ex Plumber… Just goes to show – This Works for Anyone!

Affiliate marketing was meant to be simple, wasn’t it? It’s the reason many of us got into it in the first place

Perhaps you’re sick of working 40+ hours a week as I was (as a plumber). Soul destroying, dead end jobs which many of us hate, with people we don’t like and, to top it all off, we don’t even have the luxury of job security nowadays.

Affiliate marketing was meant to be the answer to it all. Work just a few hours a day, work from wherever we liked……….that was the dream right?

Well… dreams really do become reality (sometimes)

$5439.13 in 7 days… That’s $777 per day in affiliate commission

Affiliate Marketing $5439.13 in 7 days…

Not bad for a techno-phobic, 50 something, Ex Plumber… and that’s the point. Me being able to do this essentially means anyone can do the same (or probably better), that includes you.

But can you?
Now let’s get to the reality!

I want to ask you 4 simple questions – please be honest when answering…

  1. Do you feel completely overwhelmed with information overload, from consuming endless books, courses, videos, audios, emails etc on affiliate marketing.
  2. Do you feel confused due to all the conflicting advice, strategies, techniques and tactics, which only leads you to becoming bewildered and taking no action?
  3. Are you tired of being told that, the only way to make money online is if you have your own website, create your own products, and be great at selling, but you don’t have the technical or sales experience to do this?
  4. Do you keep buying one shiny object after another, each time feeling like you’ve finally found the ONE method that isn’t confusing, complicated, and convoluted…..only to receive it and realise it’s just as bad as the rest.

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you are not alone!

Over 98.4% Of People NEVER Make Money As An Affiliate

Over 98.4% Of People NEVER Make Money As An Affiliate

Why is that?
Is it because the few that are successful are super smart, are able to absorb all the information from all those courses out there without getting overwhelmed, and never suffering confusion?

NO!… If that were the case… I’d still be fitting people’s bathrooms for a living lol

But… Information overload, conflicting advice and convoluted strategies can frustrate and bamboozle even the most intelligent person alive!

The ONLY difference between you and successful affiliate marketers is that they’ve found a way to shut out all the nonsense, destroy overwhelm and confusion, and follow just a few important steps that bring them the kind of financial freedom that you, and all other struggling affiliate marketers, dream of.

It’s not about being smart, it’s about shutting out all the noise and concentrating on what works
In reality there are just 4 core steps you need follow to create a 7 figure online business.

1.4 Million Dollars in 2 Years

…And yes 7 Figures is 100% doable.
Screen shot below shows income from 2 of my accounts (main account & account #2) from: January 1st 2016 to December 31st 2017

1.4 Million Dollars in 2 Years Affiliate Marketing

Totalling: £1022.620.00… yes, that’s One Million, Twenty Two Thousand, Six Hundred & Twenty GBP

Or… $1.4 Million USD

$777 per day in affiliate commission

$1.4 Million in 2 years… That’s the reality. But if you told me I could make that much back in 2013 (when I still worked an average 12 hours per day as a UK Plumber)… well I’d have probably laughed and considered you a bigger dreamer than I was lol.

What seamed inconceivable to me then may seem inconceivable to you right now… But the perceived ‘Impossible’ is actually possible… but most people (around 98%) never figure it out… which is a real shame, because once you understand ‘The 4 Core Steps’ you’ll never worry about money again.

98% Will Fail or Give Up Trying… Don’t Make The Same Mistake.

94% Will Fail or Give Up Trying

Success is born out of 2 Things…

  1. Persistence
  2. And a ‘Guaranteed to Work Blueprint’

And lastly… whichever way you do this Make Money Online thing the ‘Guaranteed to Work Blueprint’ always boils down to just ‘4 Core Steps’

4 Core Steps… which ‘laughably’ fit on one sheet of paper.

END…This post was written for anyone looking for real inspiration based on reality, and a ‘Guaranteed to Work Blueprint’
Always remember… there are only ever 4 steps between where you are now and the success you desire.
I’ve used these core steps since November 2013 to grow my online business and income, year on year… and so can you.


The Paper Project Review

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