I Paid This Unknown Affiliate $2014.72 in Commission (Over 2 Weeks)

The following post is all about a guy called Jono Armstrong, and his very own and highly unique system… Maybe you know him, or maybe not? I’ll be honest, I didn’t… Jono only popped onto my radar in January during the launch of my product (BLOOOM)…

But… when he started promoting BLOOOM… It was hard not to notice him!

Over a 2 week period 15th – 29th January I paid Jono $2014.72 in commission

Mobilee review

As many of you no-doubt know, when we launch a product we attract some of the biggest and best support in the industry (yeah we’ve been doing this for a long time). You can see some of the names in the screen shot above.
I know most of these guys… but I didn’t know Jono, in fact I’d never heard of him. And yet this guy managed to hit our leaderboard beating some of the biggest names in the industry… see the screen shot.

Over a 2 week period 15th – 29th January I paid Jono $2014.72 in commission… his conversion percentage averaged 30%…


And now it seems that he did all this using a couple of clever tricks and a cell phone… Nope, he didn’t even use a computer…

1 Cell Phone… a Video… a Page and He made $2014.72

I get asked to look at, review and promote multiple products on a nearly daily basis… day in – day out people tell me they have something pretty special… something which my readers and subscribers will love and more importantly ‘Make Money’ with… and sometimes that is the case, but mostly it isn’t.

But when a guy I’ve personally paid thousands of dollars to decides to teach others his remarkable method, well then I have to take a look and consider it seriously. BTW, Jono never approached me to do this or to promote his method… I saw it, knew it worked and decided to write this.

Before you read another thing though… watch Jono’s video (below)… watch it, and then read the rest of this post.

Available from 11am est Today 11/2/2018

As you can see from the video… what Jono achieved on my launch wasn’t a one off, in fact he doesn’t even mention BLOOOM… so you really should listen to this guy, because he actually does what he says he does.

You have a smart phone right?

I’m sure you do… and that’s pretty much all you’re going to need to mimic Jono’s formula. So, zero excuses, If Jono can do this from his phone while travelling around Indonesia then you can too. And that’s really why I’m telling you about this now…

You want to make money easily don’t you?… you don’t want the big learning curve or silly costs right? – You just want to do a few things each day that enable you to make money daily… and this is one of those little formulas (genuinely)

Sound good?

Now check out the following two videos below

In total $1017.99 from W+ in 7 days

In this video you can see another $1197.16 generated from JVZoo products over the same 7 days and (most) from using the same Trick.


More Results $65.45 Profit: 14 Minutes…  30/1/18  (Passive, from The Same Trick )

The Daily Profit Blog Trick

These are my own results using my own blog trick… which just like Jono’s method is designed to be Newbie friendly, simple to apply and hugely profitable (even if you are just getting started)… Full details can be found on the following post:


Update: Looks like Jono’s Affiliate formula continues to work even after launch… I’m still paying him almost daily. Screen shot for the last 7 days.

Mobilee review

So my question to you is… how would you like both methods?

Here’s how it works…

  1. First of all comment below to let me know you want both product (you will have to pay for Jono’s formula, but mine is free).
  2. On Sunday 11th Feb I’ll add a link to this post as well as an email reminder (if you’re on my list)… the link will take you to a page detailing Jono’s offer…
  3. If you like Jono’s formula – buy it through my link (don’t worry it is very cheap), and you’ll get access to my affiliate trick free.

Available from 11am est Today 11/2/2018




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